There was a little boy
Who sat by the river
No one knew why
He sat by that river

He stared into the river
And saw he was black
"I never had a chance"
And so he sat

He hated that river
Hated himself too
But he kept staring at that river
How he wanted to jump into that river

One day, that boy
Stood at the edge
He wanted to jump
So he went and he jumped

That boy lived
Regrettably, he lived
Before he could fall
Little miss love decided to stall

So there she sat
There on that river
With that boy
She sat on the river

"Why did you save me?"
They sat by the river
"Because you saved me"
And they talked on the river

From day to night
Always the two were there
There, just sitting there
On the edge of the river

His hand found hers
Her eyes found his
Only then, Only then
Had he seen she was pale

On the river
They kissed, They loved
There where they met
They kissed and they loved

On a day
The boy sat by the river
Him, only him, was sitting
sitting on the river

He wondered
Where did she go?
The girl was not there
Never was she there

Every day now
He went to the river
In hopes of seeing
That girl on the river

He had sunk back
Sunk with time
He watched the river
And hated the river

He remembered that river
Running clear with blue
That hated river
Now ran with a red hue

There was the boy
Sitting on the river
He wanted to jump that boy
And so he jumped