So, last Valentine's Day - otherwise dubbed by yours truly to be S.A.D. (Singles Awareness Day) – I was feeling rather harshly the pangs of being alone, which was worsened by the condition of crushing on someone who did not know I existed. Or did he? … Thus, here are my inward musings. Dedicated to those of you who know the struggling inward turmoil of unrequited love.

Speak To Me Only With Thine Eyes

I stood there, worlds away: a sudden thought

Turned my head toward you: our glances caught -

I could not read the message in your eyes;

Half-hoped you were ignorant of my own heart's cries.

Your lingering look seized hold upon my heart -

Reason said to from your gaze depart.

I wrenched away, as though for else I sought...

If truth be told, all else matters naught.

Alas! I could not sever such a tie,

And with it, let communication die -

Once more I looked: your waiting gaze, mine meeting,

Exchanging dreams, unknown, in moments fleeting.

When the windows to the soul, though lit, are shuttered,

Emotions are conveyed, but no thoughts uttered.

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~ Grammar