Chronicles of Kontar
Book of Sekhmet
by Michaela E. M. Else

Chapter I: The Netherworld

The wind howled, sand shifted and the chariot raced along across the Netherworld's sky as Ra passed the Western Horizon, ceasing the day in the Mortal world with its pass into the land of the Dead, Mehen coiling around it in protection against Apophis as it ventured across the mirrored sky towards the Eastern Horizon to start another day within the Mortal world. But the breeze drifted weakly upon the Field of Reeds, a paradise of the Afterlife for the pure of heart and fortune souls, the river ran deep and far, splitting paradise in two, bringing fresh green growth with its flowing water. If one soul could travel freely to the Field of Reeds and back to the Mortal world, he would talk of its radiance, a perfect reflection upon their kingdom, where the water is clear, blue and white all in the same as the Nile flowed by, that the sand was warm and soft between one's toes rather than sharp and grainy, he would say that the alabaster stone shone white under Ra's gaze as he travelled the sky within his chariot, blazing over the great Pantheon of the Gods nestled in mass grove of Reeds upon the farthest Shore of the Nile – always within sight but out of reach to us mortals, no matter how far we row towards it. For he have not seen one god stir within the courtyard that is flanked by Reeds- he has only ever seen the Pharaoh converse with that seemed to be himself – for no ordinary Mortal eyes can truly gaze upon the Gods.

If one could gaze upon the Gods House they would see two figures lounging upon the stone steps, their gazes set upon the lily pads and the ibis as they wade the still shallow waters, the graceful curved beak kissing the surface of the water, letting ripples dance across their mirrored image as they looked for food.
"Hmm?" a contented voice replied, a hum was his only response as he lounged back, his bare back soaking the stones warmth that it radiated from the midday sun.
The smaller figure twisted on his lap, a delicate hand traced the everlasting scares on his torso, and his skin tinged forever green as her mocha hand travelled up to cup his clean shaven face, a sigh left her lover's lips, his face serene with his eyes closed – ever trusting of his wife. Slowly his eyes opened, their murky depths gazed lovingly up at the figure perched above him, her slight frame no labour upon his larger form as his arm swiftly wrapped around her middle and sat up with ease before tackling her to the ground, his body cocooning her own in their sweet lover's embrace, nothing but a tangle of limbs like they were again brother and sister, new love sprouting from their growing urges.

"OSIRIS!" Isis squeaked in alarm before erupting into a fit of giggles, wrapping her arms around his neck, her own dark eyes glazing lovingly up into an identical pair above her.

Thunder cracked and rolled upon the horizon, the clouds gathered into a thick blanket over the sky, darkening as another crash of thunder followed an eruption of light as it streaked across the carpet of clouds that blocked out the chariot's rays. The ibis scattered, flocking into the sky with a quick beat of their wings in fright.
Osiris and Isis ceased their folly and looked up at the sky, dull beyond belief – seeming mirroring the Mortals Rainy season but never has a storm rolled in that fast, the clouds were no existent a moment ago, yet the promise of rain abated, showing no signs of falling from the storm-like clouds. A scent of magic was in the air, a tingle of pulse upon the skin as Osiris hurried to his feet, his eyes glaring at the open doors that flowed into the Palace, and Isis followed him and stood behind his masculine frame.

Heavy hurried footsteps slapped on the quarry as they advanced on the secluded courtyard sat upon the shore. A dark figure appeared in the entrance-way, his body that of a man, his head that of the Set animal. His posture was stiff, the dark animal eyes narrowed in anger as they trained upon Osiris.
"Good day to you, Brother, well I believed it to be a fine day until you brought your storm with you-" Osiris greeted, his voice light in greeting even if neither his face nor his body mirrored his carefree attitude.
"You, Osiris, have gone too far!" Set seethed, as he stopped his advancement as he stood before Osiris whom seemed unfazed by his brother's threatening display.
"Too Far?" Osiris questioned a look of confusion on his face before thinning his lips as he gazed hard at his brother's indifferent motif. "Please, you have no need to be so formal here – no Mortal from the Reeds can gaze upon us" he added, lifting a hand he snapped his fingers and the Set motif vanished from his brother's shoulders to be replaced with his true visage- his dark unruly hair covered his ears and ran down to his shoulders in curly waves, his dark eyes glared out from under a thick fringe, his eyes narrowed as he sneered, his sharp face twisted into that of anger, crashes of lightning and rolling thunder accented his displeasure of being unmasked yet Osiris and Isis seemed so unaffected of his display of displeasure.
"I say again, Osiris, you have gone too far!" Set snarled, taking another menacing step towards his older brother, they were both of equal height, their frames distinctly masculine yet thin but Set was the heavier set of the two brothers, his muscles thicker upon his body. "I've waited generations to pass for my time to come—your Pharaoh has born no chosen to continue his Dynasty yet you've chosen another! Don't you dare deny it, I've spoken with Shait!" he continued to rage, his voice lowering into an accusing stinging whisper.
"I deny nothing."
"So it is true?"
"Born from lower stock - !"

"You would cause civil war, Osiris?" a new voice broke their verbal sparring, both brothers turned to gaze at their sister, Isis, looking somewhat confused, her eyes wide imploringly at Osiris, her straight black hair framing her face, covering the swell of her breasts and reached the middle of her back, her black hair a stark contrast to the sheer white gown she wore.
"I cause nothing that wouldn't happen in Set's rein upon the Mortals," Osiris numbly replied.
"That is not your choice to make Osiris!" Set growled back, regaining Osiris' attention from Isis' imploring words and pleading eyes. "We are given one line – ONE! You cannot choose to start another!"

Shadows appeared at the entrance to the grove, Anubis, with his cropped somewhat crimped hair mirrored that of Osiris', his eyes dark, a murky blue staring upon the scene with speculation and ferocity towards the intruder, Set himself. He seemed to be the same age in appearance to that of his elders that exuded tension, yet all gods were ageless – some chose to choose forms that mirrored their older age while others stayed to have their appearance youthful.
"Is everything fine, Mother, Father?" he questioned in his deep voice, he was robed in his ceremonial garments that the mortals depicted him in within their writings.
Osiris didn't take his eyes from his Set's own while Isis looked up the stone steps to her surrogate son.
"Fine, Anubis, be on your way" Osiris called, his voice raised to carry the distance. Anubis shuffled, attempting to leave but thought better before looking over to his Mother, seeing her distress as she returned her gaze to his Father.
"I'm sorry to interrupt, but there is a soul worthy enough to be judged by you My Lord and Lady," his voice held an authoritative tone that was older than his teenage visage.
"We will be there shortly, Anubis, do as your Father says and be on your way," Isis called out, her melodious voice floated over the tension as if it wasn't coating everything within reach.

With that the young god was on his way, his face morphing that into that of the one the Mortals perceive him as – that of a black jackal.
"Look closer to home Set, not everything is at it shall seem – one born with no Father will soon find calls another Father," Osiris whispered deathly, his patience gone. "I believe you have over stayed your welcome- be gone and take your storm with you!" he declared, his voice raising in volume as a wind ripped around their forms, dispelling Set from the Netherworld.

As fast as the wind whipped up it passed, the ferocity gone from the calming breeze, the clouds discoloured and dispersed off into the distance on the sky's tide, disappearing from sight as they reached the farthest hills and mountains upon the horizon.
"Do you despise me now?" Osiris questioned after long tense moments of silence before turning round and gazing at his wife, her dark defiant eyes looking up into his own questioningly.
His words broke her quizzical gaze, her thoughts turned to ones of anger at the audacity of her husband.
"You would rile our brother after years of peace?" she questioned hotly, taking a hesitant step back to bring space between her and that of her husband.
"How dare you bring your petty differences to that of the Mortal Realm and bring pain and suffering as consequence!"
"How dare I?" he questioned in disbelief at her words, his face wounded as he lightly placed a hand over his heart.
"You wound me, wife, you judge me too quickly and poorly as of late"

"You should know the power of words and their meanings, yet you accuse blindly with this hearsay, I for one am not here for your Judgement – that reminds me of my duties, as you kindly put it, good day to you, Sister" his words were sharp and clipped as he turned and began to walk away from his Wife, he paused and looked over his shoulder before continuing out into the Palace, his clothes about his person shifting into his ceremonial robes.

A/N: This chapter is on Writers & Artists: The Inside to the Media (hosted by Bloomsbury) and the WIP of the story (set to private) is on Authonomy (hosted by HarperCollins). This is my first book series idea and I'm aiming for it to be published.

This hasn't been beta-read, so all mistakes are my own. This is the first draft.


Historical Fantasy, set in Ancient Egypt. People are divided into groups more than the primary of slave and master. There are houses that belong to the Gods, gifts bestowed upon the children of the Nile by their patron God or Goddess. The child is marked and their fate predetermined by the House they belong. The House of Sekhmet are known for their fierce warriors in war and loyal protectors of the Pharoh that is a child of the House of Osiris. These two Houses are only few amongst many but are the driving force of the Kingdom.

Kontar, a child born into servitude to a noble family is just an ordinary boy becoming a man until a fateful day that in his attempt to save his Master was found to be a member of a House of the Gods. He is taken with the other children that appear to have been arriving he meets a girl, Tadinanefer, she is born of the House of Bastet. He finds himself hiding his true House, being chosen into the House of Osiris is his doom if anyone were to find him masquerading to be a member of the House of Sekhmet.