Sweet child of mine, dancing on the wind;

So careless and free, feet ne'er to be bound;

An uplifted heart, a soul of happiness;

Sweet child of mine, dancing on the moors;

Little white feet, prancing hither and thither;

A gentle melody, a song that carries through the years;

Wind on the moors, and water in the streams;

A song of nature, of love, and of peace;

Dear child, how you dance and how you sing;

Not a care in the world, just you and the song;

Quickening your pace, even twirling around;

Joy is your friend, and happiness is your sister;

Children hearken to my words, lend an ear to what I say;

Treasure the times you live in freedom, the times you have no cares;

Dance on the hills go where your feet may take you;

But never forget, the hearth and fire, of the home where you live;

One can dance, far away, to the ends of the earth and even to the ending of time;

One can flitter along the roads, past the waters rushing and cold;

One can run from past and home, but one will never forget their childhood abode;

Now sweet child, come back to me come back to us, your family.