Oh to be a warrior, fit for fame and glory;

Shining swords, and glinting spears;

Onward to victory, oh soldier of valor;

Lift your shields, raise them high;

Never forget what ahead lies;

It lies in wait to devour and take;

Be war oh soldier, oh soldier of glory;

A mother's tears roll down her face;

A father's wishes to be forsaken;

Now my young soldier, to arms!

On a day of death, of pain, and misery;

Oh to go to war, the child fights whilst the parents cry;

A sister's hopes and fears remain;

A brother's blessing, a soldier's friend;

Shoulder to shoulder, side by side;

Fighting to live, fighting to die;

To arms, the cry rose from camp;

Onward, the order cut through air;

Onward to death and onward to glory;

Why do we fight? It's rather gory;

Why do we kill? It's filled with horrors;

Fresh blood sprays across the face;

The face of a swordsman wielding a blade;

A hand goes up to brush it off;

Fingers dyed red with the blood of the dead;

What have I done? The questions remains;

Unanswered a man is brought to his knees;

Grief and fear well up in he;

To fight is to die, to fight is to try;

To try to live, to suppress the memories;

Oh give thanks to those who came before;

Who took up sword, and gun, and war;

Give thanks to those who came before;

Who gave their lives and few recall;

You who sit at your table in peace;

Remember now, the veterans that we owe;

They fought and died, they cried and laughed;

They hurt and they bled, they killed and they saved;

Remember now, oh man and woman;

Remember the man, who gave his life that you might be free;