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Dreaming in Colour
Patiently Waiting

No. No. No.

~Haley POV~
That patient was perhaps one of our saddest yet, the pity of her situation tugging at your heartstrings. It may be because when I was young my elder sister died the same way as her parents, or perhaps something else, but I find that I can connect quite well with her in this type of situation. She suffered head injuries in a car accident five years ago, where she had only been fourteen. She was stuck in a coma for months, and when she finally woke up, she didn't speak. She eventually started answering questions, but the only thing she'd say was 'no.' Never yes. She barely eats food now, and she just sits on her bed, staring out the window. She likes the rain the best, and often she will attempt to open the window and will start crying when she can't. I've seen her get this look on her face- one of wistfulness. It's as if she only accepts the rain as a weather condition because she never even so much as looks towards the window when it isn't raining. No one could figure her out. And we tried everything. Therapists and psychiatrists to name the most common attempts.

"Maia will be your patient now. She isn't too much work, don't worry. Just give her some food everyday and try to talk to her. Don't expect much, though. She only says no." I told our newest med school student, Ethan Cagame. He listened intently, his dark green eyes sympathetic while looking at Maia. I noticed this and told him, "You should already know, but I'll say it once more- don't get attached to the patients. They'll just let you down." I should know—I thought that I could change one and that I could somehow be better than everyone else that tried. It was useless, however. He just didn't seem to want to respond to anything and it hurt to know that I wasn't any different than the others. We were all the same, never different. It's as if we're all replicas of a doctor that doesn't see a change. It isn't until after we see one that we can say we aren't. I really, really don't like that feeling.

Ethan blinked. "A-alright, I won't," He said, surprised. I could tell he was confused by the way his eyebrows scrunched together, so I just smiled and walked away.

"Have fun and good luck." I called over my shoulder while he stood there, mouth open and gaping like a fish. He'll figure out how it works around here between us doctors soon enough. Not to say he doesn't know how a hospital works, but more so that we don't have to be so serious with each other. Serious atmospheres are boring!

~Ethan POV~

I stared in both confusion and slight curiosity at Haley as she walked away before coming back to my senses. I watched Maia stare out the window, unmoving. I sighed, skimming my notes to make sure I read everything and walked through the doorway.

She didn't seem to acknowledge my presence, unless you counted that blink she made when I entered her room. Her dark brown ringlets rustled as she got off of the bed, only to pull back her covers and sit down again. ...What? I made a small note on the back of one of her papers to look into her behaviors later. I caught a glimpse of her eyes- dull doe brown with a small spark of life.

I gently tapped her shoulder, and I was surprised when she snapped her head quickly to glare at me. "No!" She cried, grabbing a fistful of her blankets. She blinked again, the frown fading from her heart-shaped face. "No." She whispered, a light of recognition entering her big, unbelieving eyes. And then…she fainted for some reason that I am clearly not aware of. I moved her so she was actually laying in the bed and not up against the bright white wall, all the while calling for a nurse to make sure she was all right. I'd ask to have a different patient if she faints everytime she sees me, but I need to see if I can handle anyone and if fainting is something I need to endure, so be it.

~Maia POV~

No. No! It couldn't be him! No! I screamed mentally. Then, everything went black as I passed out in a dead faint.

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