A/N: I was riffling through my old papers and came across this sonnet that I had been required to write back in high school. For those of you who care, it really does fit all the requirements of a sonnet; I used the Italian form (called a Petrarch sonnet), which consists of fourteen lines of iambic pentameter, is split into the octave and the sestet, and all that good shizz. If you really want to know all the guidelines for writing a sonnet, I can publish a quirky guide, lol. Though I've never actually met anyone (Shakespeare doesn't count) who wrote sonnets for fun; they're the hardest form of poetry to compose. Anywhoo, I got a big kick out of reading it again and thought I'd post it. ^_^ Enjoy!

I tried to write a sonnet once, but see -

It was a sight which pity did evoke;

I read it once, and then was forced to choke:

The meters set did not make poetry.

The stanza writ did not appeal to me

And though I tried my hardest not to croak,

I stumbled, fell; 'neath composition's yoke

Which weighted down my creativity.

So then I said, "I think that, if I may,

I'll write a diff'rent sonnet, and quite soon

Appease the roiling tempest in my soul."

And now I have my poem; yet I say

That though it yields no laurels to the moon,

Its forces on my mind have brought their toll.