That Daisy

Their lips touched, sealing an eternal promise. The crowd burst into cheers as the newly-wed faced their friends and families with warm and heartfelt smiles.

"My dear Elizabeth," Mrs. Smith couldn't hide her excitement. She pulled the bride into a tight embrace and held her at arms-length, "You're a married woman!" Her marble blue eyes crinkled in pure joy at the sides as she looked at Elizabeth, her daughter.

"Mom," Elizabeth reciprocated her mother's affection with unspoken words flooding her eyes, turning into tear drops. They hugged once more before the bride was rained with congratulations by her friends and families.

Meanwhile, the groom received many pats on the shoulder as his colleagues congratulated him and jeered at the fact that his bachelor days were over. He laughed, his smile infectious. He danced his way through the crowd, excusing himself as he headed for the buffet table.

"Hello, Pixie," He said, his fingers wrapping around a glass of wine as he brought it to his lips.

I smiled and looked up at him, "Hello, John." I nodded with the same formality.

His lips quirked up to a half-smile, a hint of playfulness on his soft green eyes. My name was Valerie but Pixie was how he had known me by. We were childhood friends and he had always remarked on how small and pixie-like I was.

"Congratulations, Mister," I stuck out my tongue at him, popping a chocolate-dipped strawberry into my mouth.

"Why thank you," He chuckled softly. The familiarity of his velvet voice made my heart sink. He had found her - the girl he had vowed the remainder of his life to.

"No more video game duels," my mind whispered. I shushed her, pushing the thought into the back of my brain.

"This..." He motioned to everyone present, his gaze lingering on the bride. "This is love." A different kind of smile crossed his lips as he stared lovingly at Elizabeth, his eyes growing softer and radiating pure joy. He returned his gaze back to me, the friendly expression on his face appearing once again. "What's love for you?" His voice had a cheesy twist to it, as if he were teasing me.

Ah. The good old days.

The question brought me back to reality and I found myself staring off into a distance. I caught sight of a daisy, my favourite flower. It danced alone in the middle of the field, seemingly lost but firm enough to withstand the adversities it faced. My eyes stayed there as I felt my heart sink further down. An empty feeling echoed into the depths of my soul as I felt my throat run dry. My vocal cords were constricted and my breathing came out shallow. I blinked once, a tear slowly cascading down my cheek. I tore my gaze away from the daisy and looked him in the eye.


And with that, I sighed deeply, my worries escaping me. I smiled sadly and turned my back to him, walking out of the garden with my head held high. I didn't look back, not even when he called my name. It was over.

Love was him.