How many times have you broken my heart?
1? 2? I lost count...
Oh, I think it's more than at least 3
A regretful reminder of foolish me...

Every time you broke my heart, I wept
With tears in my eyes, I slept
And I would pick the pieces up and try to fix it
Put on a smile like my world is all lit

Then you would show up and smile that smile
I fell in love with when I saw you for the first time
And my heart would jump, and tumble, and trip
My emotions inside, hard to keep

So I dare once again and take a leap
And my mind would once again throw a fit
Foolish lil' me wouldn't listen
Law isn't law until it's written

But like glass, my heart was shattered
I disregarded what really mattered
I cried myself to sleep
And found myself losing grip

Next morning, I'd wear a smile
And laugh and sing a thousand miles
Oh, but there you were when I turned
Foolish lil' me would never learn...