Popcorn & Toast

God, I love having days off. Steven agreed to switch shifts with me so I could have the next two days off, and he could take a break after I came back. I had two whole days where I wouldn't have to put up with anybody's bullshit.

Light filtered softly through the window and I briefly wondered what time it was before remembered that, oh yeah, getting up before noon wasn't required of me today. I don't have to be anywhere.

I was just settling back in my sheets as my front door flew open. I internally cringed, it sounded like whoever was breaking in didn't stop the door and it hit the thin drywall. Whoever it was seemed to putter around the kitchen for a bit and I decided to just let them do their thing and go back to sleep.

My dreams were quickly shattered, naturally, as my bedroom door flew open with vigor. I groaned. Can't this wait until tomorrow, or next week?

"Emily! Get up! Food!" the phrases flew out of Who The Fuck Is In My Apartment's mouth in short little fragments. Before I had time to contemplate what has happening WTFIIMA jumped in the motherfucking bed with me. Today was not my day, was it.

"What the Hell is going on!?" I didn't pull myself from under the covers as I had a pretty decent idea of who the neurotic intruder was already. Dammit, Karen.

"It's noon. There's no food out. Why isn't there any food out?" Karen questioned, scooting closer to me. I swear to Jesus high and holy, she acted like such a five year old sometimes.

"What do you goddamn mean there's no food out, you know where the fridge is," I groaned again and finally surrendered and pulled myself out from under my cocoon. Sure enough, there was Karen, bright eyed and bushy tailed, staring at me with this endearing and at the same time, completely fucking insane expression her face.

"No, you didn't make food!" she seemed confused. Briefly I wondered why and then decided not to question it any further and just get up. There was no going back to sleep now.

"Fine, I'll make you some food. Move so I can get out of bed," I rubbed my hand across my face, trying to wake up. My hair was probably everywhere if the amused expression on Karen's face meant anything other than the fact that she seemed to be perpetually amused.

"You always look like you fought rabid bears in the morning. It's cute," she smiled at me, and for a second I forgot I was pissed beyond belief at her. Dammit, her and her adorable smiles.

"Yeah well, you know how irresistible I am," I muttered as I all but rolled out of bed. My tee shirt clings to me and I wonder whose it is, because there is no way I own a Little Mermaid tee shirt. I suppose it's probably Karen's she's always leaving her shit over here.

"We're not going to have popcorn and toast right? I love Charlie Brown, but that would be suck." she muses as she follows me into the kitchen. I glance at her briefly, wondering vaguely what the hell she's going on about now.

She's leaning against my kitchen counter, looking no doubt ten times better than I do right now. Her arms are crossed under her chest, and we must have swapped shirts, because the one she's wearing looks way too small to be hers.

"Is your family not coming over?" she asked me nonchalantly, despite knowing full well that I don't get along with my family at all.

"Uh...no? Why would they be?" why would anybody want to hang out in m crappy one bedroom apartment with Karen and I? Seems like a depressing way to spend an afternoon.

"It's Thanksgiving. Duh," the water I had been drinking stopped dead in my throat and I started hacking painfully. What the hell, no it's not, it's Thursday the 22nd of November, not Thanksgiving.

Holy Hell.

It's Thanksgiving.

Karen snickers at my expression.

"You forgot didn't you," she doesn't phrase this as a question, only looks at me accusingly.

"So, how do you feel about popcorn and toast?"