Author's Note: I wasn't originally planning on making this story three parts, but my friend Sean remade it into one big poem. I was impressed so I got his permission to post this. I hope you enjoy.

I'm sitting frozen in time like a silent statue, alone in the cold while the world whirls past me I'm left isolated in my own thoughts, which trap me in a haze of doubt. I draw nearer, catching a glimpse of the dull eyes of my soul and the last glimmer of hope fading into the nothingness.
I recognize the mask I'm wearing; it's like staring into a jagged mirror of the past i can't piece back together. In it i see the suffocation the mask brought me, along with the feeling of being too far down to bother standing back up again. This vision hurts me deeply because it was also a memory. I've already been hurt, why do i need to feel the same way again? After all what am i, but an innocent victim who is so lost in pain i can't even find my way back home? I can't even remember the feeling of home anymore.
Maybe if i reach out a hand to myself in an attempt of a radical success, i could stop me falling again. But experience tells me that it's simply self loathing and pity which utterly fails in the end. I need a greater power. And before my mind can echo the thoughts of my flesh, i realize that maybe with Gods heart we can become one. But who would ever want me?
The world seems to sit in a translucent state, like glazed ice on a river. In this cold barren world there is no noise or cracked smiles coming through, just distant sunlight. I remember happier times, when i was younger and the world seemed brighter, now in the midst of my affliction and day by day struggle with life itself, the sun rarely shines. I'm standing on the verge of darkness, with a light shining behind me, cautious to look, but foolish not to.
Then a voice with great profundity spoke, he says he knows me, and that he is the one who shines so brightly. How could he have seen what I've seen and still make it out? How could he possibly know the anguish I've gone through and still say he can help me? He answered, because he had already been though it but worst...only he can help me.
Friendship and love is all that I've ever desired, but those words have already been crossed out of the dictionary of my mind. Can there really be a way for two hearts to become one? It brings me great satisfaction that the answer to that question is yes. My life is full and plenty now; there is no greater love than that of my lord and savior Jesus Christ!

-phantom130 5 (December 2012)