A Stampede of Stories Presents

Penelope Pig

By: hal99

Penelope pig was a beautiful pig. Although she was rather round, she had a fantastic personality and gorgeous hair. In fact, that was Penelope's trademark. Every animal on the farm knew Penelope because of her beautiful, golden locks. What they didn't know was that her hair was really a wig.

One day, Penelope decided it was a great day for a mud bath. This was one thing that confused the other farm animals. Mud bathing was usually the favorite activity of dirty, grotesque animals, and Penelope was anything but that.

She was elegant, but she wasn't afraid to get a little dirty. Or even a lot dirty. She backed up like one of those wind up cars that you pull back so it can race down the floor hands free. With enough room, Penelope charged. She flew through the air and PLOP! Penelope made a humongous splash in the mud.

All the other mud bathers looked at her and began the ever famous mud fight. Mud was everywhere; on the fighters, on the fence posts, walls, even in Penelope's beautiful hair. It was then Penelope realized that things have gone too far.

She tried sneak out of the mud bath so the others wouldn't call her a wussy. But it was too late. One of the creatures pointed out Penelope's escape and they began chucking mud at her. She had given off the wrong message by deciding to throw herself into the muck.

Penelope was in shock. Her wig hair. Her beautiful, luscious wig hair. It used to be so beautiful but now, now it looked like a pile of poop.

"STOP!" she screamed.

The battle was stifled. She stared at them with fierce eyes that said, "Don't mess with this chick!"

Naturally, the animals left the mud bath without a word. Penelope felt like a total idiot. She had cared too much about her hair and let her anger get the best of her. Plus, she treated everyone like dirt.

The only thing Penelope could think to do now was wash out her hair. So she went back to her pen and started to wash away the chunks of mud. All was going well until she noticed a piece of wig hair on her hand.

Then another. And another. Soon enough her wig hair was falling out of her head and onto the ground.

"Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!" she screamed. "If all of my wig hair falls out, I will have no wig and people won't know who I am! Then I will have to tell them that it was just a wig. Soon enough, the whole farm will be calling me a phony!"

Penelope was distraught. She thought it might be a good idea to stop rinsing out the mud and just go to bed. So she did just that.