A Stampede of Stories Presents

Penelope Pig

By: hal99

Penelope was no longer worried about what people (or animals) thought of her. She threw her wig on the floor and trotted out the door with her head held high.

She decided to take a stroll around the farm to see what they all thought of her new do.

"Who's that?" asked a goose.

"I'm not sure," replied a hen.

Penelope was the new pig in town, at least that's what everyone on the farm thought.

"Hey, who are you?" screamed a donkey.

"I am Penelope Pig! Ya know, the one who used to wear a wig! Well, I took it off, yeah, that's right; I took it off because it was a mess, ok? I was trying to wash away all of the mud bit I was too rough and my hair fell out. So now I will go around bald!" screamed Penelope to the entire farm.

From that day on, Penelope was not known for her hair, but her ability to scream. Really, really loud.

The End!