Playing Russian roulette

In a locked room

Playing Russian roulette

Trying to end it soon

I thought it would be longer

My life, that is

Thought I had a few more years

But now those years are his

It's a sure thing, this game of chance

And it's chilling to the bone

There's nothing colder in this room

Than playing Russian roulette alone

Each time I pull the trigger

It's like the first time I've ever been alive

And every time that's not mine

I feel like I didn't survive

It's up to number five now

And for the first time I hesitate

It's a fifty fifty chance now

And the growing suspense, I've come to hate

Now I'm pulling the trigger

Now I'm still alive

So there's only one left

And death's waiting to arrive

But I can't do it

I need give something else the blame

So I give the cylinder one last spin

And finish this long game

I was expecting the click

But instead I got a gunshot

I wanted to feel alive

But now I'm not