"Eric , you better get back here right this instance!" Mina shouted . Her five year old son seemed intent on ignoring his mother as he kept running round and round the place, climbing on trolleys and upsetting flower pots that adorned the counters. The airport teemed with people and a few of them recognized her, offering her warm smiles. She returned them .

She flinched a little as the very active baby in her womb gave her a solid quick. She placed a hand on her rounded belly and whispered softly.

"I know you're excited to see him! So am I !"

On cue , the gates opened and a rush of people came in. Mina reached out for Eric , pulling him close to her as they were accosted by all the alighting passengers.

"Dada!" Eric yelled suddenly. Mina peeped over the heads of the oncoming passengers and sure enough, Shin was striding towards them , a travel bag slung around his shoulders. Mina felt joy flooding her senses at the sight of her handsome husband.

At thirty three, Shin looked ten times better than ever and the entire airport turned around to watch the most charismatic man in South Korea as he strode across the place, confidence in every step.

Shin however had eyes for no one but his wife. He took the last few steps at a run and to everyone's shock, he sank to his knees before Mina, wrapping Eric in a hug. Surprised, Mina laughed , reaching out her hands to touch his shoulders.

"How is my best buddy doing?" Shin kissed his son fondly before pressing his lips to Mina's tummy. Mina flushed as people began pulling out their cameras to take snapshots of the touching scene.

"M fine Dada... I missed you!" Eric pouted. Shin straightened , one arm still around Eric as he pulled Mina into a hug.

"And what about you? Did you miss me?" He asked softly.

"Every second."

Lee Shin Geuk smiled as he captured her lips in his.

It was a bright and sunny day in Seoul and everything was perfect with the world.


Just perfect.

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