Hours pass; darkness flees,

morning light breaks threw.

Shoes tap, keys jingle, lights flicker;

Soft click, door creaks, silent scream.

Jaws open, eyes wide, heart stopping.

What happened…?

When did this happen-?

Dread fills; searches lab, glass crunches,

not here, horrid smell, black slime trail –

How could this happen-?

Pooled on counter, sliding down, bubbling on floor;

gurgling from the drain, like hot tar-

Why did this happen-?

Runs out, panic stricken, incoherent;

can't calm, can't speak, can't breath-

Who could do this-?

Comes back, more people, try to comfort;

shaking, paranoid, silent-

She's gone

Sirens ring, yellow tape, suspects everywhere;

No leaving, no safety, no hope.

Gone, perished, murdered.

nothing left; few clues.

Black goo, scribbled notes, failed test results.

Status: Culprit Unknown