Wrote this about three months ago

I think about you each passing day,
And each day, I have growing pain.
I know it's not your fault you're so far away,
But I pray that you could stay,

with me, we were happy.
Now all I feel is melancholy.
Your voice a haunting melody,
Your smile a slowly fading memory.

I fall deeper into dispar,
I begin to question if you care.
Perhaps you first asked me out on a dare,
Even though before you left you had me swear,

That I wouldn't forget you,
that I truly loved you too.
And that no matter what I do,
And no matter how blue,

I'm feeling, I won't end it all.
I keep my chin up and stand tall.
That I won't fall.
Even when I hear deaths call.

So for you I wait,
Hoping you haven't crossed hells gate,
That you'll return, be my soul mate,
Even if it should happen late...

Each passing day I question more,
My blood having made spatters on the floor,
as my gaze focused on the door.
I don't want you to see anymore gore...

But I can't be strong any longer
Death is what my mind ponders,
"What lies yonder?"
I ask myself, the thought of ending it all becoming fonder.

I'm sorry my love
But I'm certain you've gone above
I'm truly sorry, but I need to be free of
All the pain and misery you have left me with, my belove.