Author's Note:

Before i start explaining myslef, i put this on because i couldn't find the book nor movie of "The Help" on . So if anyone finds it, tell me. Well, In my English literature class, I had to write the script for a play on one of the books that the class had studied that semester. I chose "The Help" written by Kathryn Stockett. For this reason, I didn't intend on this being fan fiction, but I thought that it technically is counted as fan fiction. I'm not sure if there is anything in this to offend anyone, but just in case it does, I didn't intend on it, and I apologize in advance. Oh and by the way, I've hidden a few Harry Potter quotes, I couldn't help it. But anyways, here it is.

Act One-Scene One


[Its late evening and Minny Jackson is at her friend, Aibileen Clark's house for coffee. The two women are sitting at Aibileen's new table drinking coffee and discussing the success of the book they had helped Skeeter write. The dining table and chairs look very out of place compared to the rest of Aibileen's small house. The stage should be relatively small as the only props are a table and a few chairs, yet there still has to be room for approximately five actors. The backdrop of the stage must be windows that would match the state of Aibileen's house, therefore small homey looking. The windows are covered in flowery curtains so that Aibileen is able to look out them. However halfway through the scene, police lights must be able to be seen out of the window. A door is help up slightly diagonal from the backdrop, it can be held in place with a stand for the first part of the scene but it has to be removed in order for policemen to barge in Aibileen's house.]

MINNY; [Knocks on Aibileen's front door, then invites self in]

AIBILEEN; [straightening her coat on the back of one of the chairs]

Af'ernoon Minny. How was Miss Celia today? She be getting' real fat, not sure if she be havin' a baby or you feedin' her too well.

[Aibileen is a medium height African American women. She is of old age and has recently retired from her job as a maid for the Leefolt family. Aibileen has on a 1960's summer styled dress, not cheap looking, nor rich, but average. Aibileen's dress is a pastel yellow with white hems around the skirt and sleeves. Aibileen's Dark Brown hair has been pulled into a loose bun . Aibileen's shoes are white lace ups similar to those that she had often worn to work when she was a maid]

MINNY; [Laughing at Aibileen's assumptions, placing her dark brown coat on a chair like Aibileen's]

No! She's getting' real good at her cookin' now, I barely cook anymore!

[Minny is a African American woman who is slightly below average hight, and a little weight on her. Minny has on her maid uniform because she had just finished a long day cleaning at Celia Foote's house. Minny's uniform is just below knee length, white and a little dirty due to the amount of cooking she had done with Celia. Minny's hair is messy and is constantly trying to flatten the untamed parts of her short bob styled hair.]

AIBILEEN; [Pours coffee into the two mugs on saucers which are placed on the new dining table]

MINNY; [Looks at Aibileen then the table]

Aibileen? When did you buy this here table?

AIBILEEN; [Sitting down, gesturing Minny to join her in a seat opposite her]

I bought it just this mornin'. With some of the money Miss Skeeter gave me.


How much was it? Leroy destroyed our one las' week.

AIBILEEN; [Matter of fact tone]

Thirteen dollars, had to get a secon' hand one though. The store manager wouldn' let me buy an expensive one. Thought I stole tha' money.


Tha's unfair. We worked hard for that money.


Ye' but it was nice of Miss Skeeter to give us maid's some o' the money, don't you think?

MINNY [Nods head and takes a sip of her coffee]


And the book is goin' to be awful successful, more then now!

MINNY; [Setting cup back down on saucer]

Happy she left Jackson though, with all the trouble she could get in here. But we ain't safe either Aibileen. Not with Miss Hilly threatin' us ever' hour of the day.

[Sirens are heard by Aibileen and Minny. Aibileen jumps out of her chair and quickly moves to the window checking if the police cars can be seen. Aibileen looks back at Minny then through the window. The sirens get fainter and fainter until they cannot be hear anymore. Once Sirens have quietened, Aibileen sits back down in her seat next to Minny]

AIBILEEN; [In a worried whisper]

I been thinkin' lately, that soon, Miss Hilly gonna send them policemen here, to my house.

MINNY; [Giggles nervously at end of line]

No policemen goin' to come for us. Miss Hilly be too scared to tell. Them white people will find out about the terrible awful.

AIBILEEN; You right Minny, I am worryin' 'bout nothing.

[Pair of ladies continue to drink their coffee. Sirens go by again, this time louder. The flashing red and blue of the police lights can be seen through the gap between the curtains]

AIBILEEN; [Runs to the window, runs back to Minny grabbing her by the shoulders]

Minny, they is here. What do we do?

[Sirens stop abruptly. The police lights stop flashing and footsteps can be heard. Minny and Aibileen are standing next to each other, scared and frightened looking at the door]


Get away from the door! Three, Two, One!

[Policeman One and Policeman Two knock down the door of Aibileen's house. Aibileen screams quickly. Policeman Two doesn't stop himself from falling fast enough and ends up running into the brand new dining table, spilling coffee everywhere and smashing a cup]


Aw damn, now I got coffee all over my new uniform.

[The second policeman is a newbie to the job, He has short blond hair and is very accident prone. His uniform is a lot newer than Policeman One, but Policeman Two's uniform has a few stains here and there showing that he is very careless]

MINNY; [Yelling]

What do you thin' you're doin'?


Aibileen Clark, you are under arrest.

[The first policeman of the two is a bit older than the second. He has good physique, has thick dark hair and a thin mustache. He takes his jobs seriously and is a bit raciest.]

MINNY; [Still yelling]

She ain't done nothin'


She know damn well what she's done. Stealing from Mrs Elizabeth Leefolt. Ms Clark here was seen buying, or at least trying to buy on of the expensive tables at the furniture mart.

[Policemen One grabs Aibileen's arms and arrests her]

HILLY; [Walking through the door of Aibileen's house like she owns the place]

Aibileen, there is no point in resisting, you're going to jail.

[Hilly is a white woman of high wealth, when she goes to Aibileen's house, she is wearing one of her expensive dresses. The dress is mauve pink with white frilled collar and sleeves. Hilly's shoes are heels but that aren't very high, they are white and when she walks in them, she purposely exaggerates the noise her shoes make Hilly's hair is brown and in a 1960's style that curls outwards.]

MINNY; [Gets even angrier than she was before walks up to Hilly noses almost touching and yells]

You're the reason for this? Of course you are! Get out! She's lying, Aibileen didn't do anything.

HILLY; [Matter of fact tone]

Then explain how she managed to pay for that dining table, Minny.

MINNY; [Gives Hilly a death stare]

HILLY; [Picks up one of Aibileen's coats, examines it]

See, you know I'm right. Oh and look at this, you've been stealing for a while haven't you Aibileen?

MINNY; [Looks over at Aibileen]

I can't believe they're trying to arrest you Aibileen, that's jus' too horrible.

[Minny stomps over to Hilly, fists clenched, Minny stares at Hilly, she is shaking in fear, not knowing what Minny is about to do]

AIBILEEN; [Warning Minny]

Minny, no. She's not worth it.

[Looks at Hilly at little longer, Minny turns around to leave, takes half a step, then turns back around quickly and punches Hilly fair in the nose. Hilly puts both hands over her mouth and runs out the front door and off the stage. Policeman One and Policeman Two run to Minny, tackling her to the ground. Policeman One pulls her up off the ground by her shoulders]

MINNY; [Yelling at Hilly, hoping she hears]

Yeah. I'll be sending you a chocolate pie from my prison cell you cow.


That's it. I've had enough of you Negras acting like you own the place. First it's Yule Mae, now yous two.

POLICEMAN TWO; [Grabs Minny by the wrists, takes the hand cuffs off his belt and arrests Minny]

Minny Jackson, you are under arrest for physical assault. Yous two are going to jail. For life.

[Aibileen starts crying, Policeman Two escorts her off stage holding her by the top of her arm roughly. Minny fights Policeman Two, trying to get out of his grip. He pulls her back, grabs her other arm then escorts her off stage. Police Man Two comes back on stage, picks up the fallen door from the floor and puts its back on its hinges. Then leaves the stage.]