I find this place, just an empty space

Void of emotion, void of thought

And it is cold,

Cold enough to cry.

Nothing makes it easier

When I open my eyes

And realise I can't even try

I can't try,

To hold on

I look for signs

Just anything

To grasp onto

But I'm pushed to the place

In the back of your mind

To be forgotten

Don't take my hand now,

I can't be healed

It's far to late

Don't take me for a fool

And don't you dare,

Say you love me

I wouldn't believe you

You're lies

Your just a match burning out

I know

Your just as cold,

As this place

Ever since your lies,

Loving you has turned into a crime,

How could you love me?

Without ever loving yourself first?

When I found you,

You were broken, beaten

I tried to sew you back together,

But I only got broken too.

We can't be mended,

To far damaged to be repaiired

I only have my mind to confide in

My black void,

My empty space,

My body,

Just a waste of space.