Say good-bye to the pain,

bid farewell to the cries.

They no longer belong in your life

because that is part of your past.

Forget how bad he made you feel,

forget how he treated you like trash

because he is no longer part of your life.

Learn from this experience

so you don't fall for another's charm.

Always listen to your heart,

but only when it says the same as your soul.

Our soul make us who we are

so don't sell it to a stranger

just because he said a few sweet words.

Actions speak louder than words.

No matter how many times

someone says "I love you" to you

only believe if his actions say the same.

Always remember, though,

that I'll be there for you,

no matter what.

Love you with all my heart, baby girl,

keep that in mind.

Your big brother