Wizards story number 1. The Initial Threat from the Dark Side.


There is another universe, occupying the same space as the one that you know, the 'ordinary' universe, you may or may not be aware of the other universe and the population that exists in it and their ways of life, and the population of that universe has hidden their universe very well, in order to protect themselves from your universe. This other universe is one where magic exists, there are witches, wizards and trolls, ogres, genies and pixies, and fairies, elves, centaurs and giants, werewolves, unicorn, and merpeople and vampires, among other creatures that are there.

The vast majority, around sixty to seventy per cent, of the population of that universe fall into one of the first two listed in the above list of creatures. The rest are a variety of different creatures only some are listed, a small number are hybrids of two or more species with or without benefits or limitations of one or both of the creatures.

The minority of the whole population of all species (around twenty to thirty per cent of the entire population) of that universe have extra powers beyond the ordinary of what is expected due to genetic mutations: it is currently unknown why these happen.

Some of the current population of that universe and the ancestors of the rest lived in your universe, but after creating their own culture and sub cultures, they left in the year fifteen twelve and moved to their current universe, where the time goes twice as fast, they left due to the discrimination they had faced for thousands of years, even nowadays when your population now no longer believes in these creatures existence, the creatures will not go back, for fear of the persecution, hatred and discrimination they had faced all those years before may rise again if they were found out. As a result the histories of these two universes are inter-linked to that time, and although there are some similarities between the two universes now, there are also major differences.

The main focus of this story, that I am about to tell you, is on ten young teenage friends still in education of some sort in that other universe, one is nearly two years younger than the rest of the group, all of the group are full or part witch or wizard, four are male, six are female, three of these ten have what are classed as extra powers, four of the group are hybrids and a further two suffer from lycanthropy. As they grow and learn good magic, the users of bad 'dark' magic are on the rise, will this group of young friends stay on the good side or cross-over? This is not the start of any of their individual stories, nor is it the end of their stories; but it is a part of the stories, just a part of them but a part I want to tell nonetheless. I am not going to say there will be a definitive happy ending or one of complete unhappiness, it may be one or the other or one that is between the two, but there will be an ending that I will tell you, as there is a beginning and an ending to every single story, on every single planet, in every single galaxy, in every single universe, including yours and mine and everyone else's in our respective universes, it is just a matter of finding out the ones that are relevant to the story that you are trying to tell. I am not going to say that these young teenagers will be the heroes of their stories nor have the chance to be, but they may try to be and that has got to count for something, does trying not count for anything these days in your universe? I am pretty sure that it does in my universe (yes I am from that magic other universe that I have been talking about, if I am not I would not know about it to tell you about it, as very few of the population of my universe can live in yours without giving away what they are which the majority of people do not want to do), if I am wrong in that statement than trying should count for something, especially these days. It does not matter what someone was born, as you cannot be born hero or evil, just somewhere in the middle, what matters is what someone grows to be and the choices that they make.

I will be your narrator for these events, and you better believe me, these events are real and have actually happened, for the ones I was not there for I found out about at a later date, and the events are in chronological order in the order in which they happened, not the one I found out about as them. These events mainly span a four year period involving the ten young teenagers I told you about, I will warn you that all of the events are real and have happened in the magical universe, the magical universe is real and so am I, although in your universe this may come across as pure fiction and therefore completely false and made up. You may ask why I am telling you this and about these events, the answer is not clear cut or thereabouts, but I feel that it is something I should share with people, even the people in your universe, once I have finished, (believe me it may take a while, I am covering four years and planning on a book for each as squeezing all four years into one book would be too difficult as there is a lot of things to get through) you may or may not find the answer you are looking for, to the question, you may find an answer but it may not be the one you want, you may end up thinking it is primarily about friendship or young love or heartbreak or about good versus evil or a fight pitting light against darkness or how despite having magic and longer lives and different medicines and technology to your universe we can still face the same problems as you such as teasing, bullying, prejudice, discrimination, fascist dictatorship, fighting and war, and yet despite having the same problems as you, we, like the people in your universe can still have friendships, relationships, love and family and hope and all the good things, the happiness and the contentment that is so readily available to you in your universe, as it can be little things not just the big things such as staying together or straying a little too far from the herd to be rescued with little to no any chance of going back to what you were, that can lead either to complete happiness or total despair. I have wasted too much time already, there is none left for me to introduce myself, it does not matter I will introduce myself at a later date instead of at the present time, you may or may not realize who I am before it comes around though, please allow me to get started and tell you about on the events from my universe's past, that are the main reason that I am speaking to you now.