Chapter 7.

Date: Saturday the sixteenth of September.

The following day the older members of the group visited Enrique in the town, they quickly caught up on all the happenings of the last week, such as their lessons, class work, homework and other students and Enrique's new music and his parents' newest arguments and fights.

They wandered around the shops before settling to walk about in the nearby park; despite the air around them being chilly they had a rare bit of English sun, which was poking out above them, giving them the slight hope that the weather might warm up a bit, but as it was already Autumn it was unlikely to warm up at that particular point, at least not by more than a couple of degrees. They got a little bored so most of them started climbing a nearby tall tree (Alisia, Carmen and Natasha were the only ones that wanted to keep their feet comfortably on the ground and these three started discussing who they thought would be capable of climbing the highest in the tree the fastest, Natasha thought it would likely to be Fira because he was tall so he could theoretically reach further and he did not weigh very much, and he was quite fast as well, Carmen said it was likely to be Lexiy who although shorter than Fira was, was also quite speedy, but Alisia thought that it would most likely to be Enrique who would be first up the tree, who despite being by far the youngest person in the group and also one of the smallest in the group he appeared to be very capable of climbing trees very well). However despite the three on the ground trying to guess it was Angelina who made it to the top first followed by Enrique who was trying to impress Alisia, then Fira and Lexiy who made it at the same time then Mason, who was distinguishable from his sister due to him wearing a dark brown shirt with a navy sweater whereas his sister was wearing a navy shirt and a light brown sweater his sister, J got up next followed by Fred, who was dead last up although he tried to get up faster in order to try and impress Angelina. After climbing down they pulled twigs and leaves out of their hair and off of their clothes, whilst laughing at the fun they were having and the silliness of a bunch of teenagers wanting to climb a tree in the first place. Well at least they were enjoying themselves at that time for a while at least. They then walked to the nearby bandstand which was not being used at that time and climbed on to it and sat and relaxed. There for a while, talking about random topics such as trees, plant life, the weather, the sky, anything that popped into someone's head as a possible conversation topic, soon got talked about, when they started talking about weather again, which as J pointed out was the second time during the same conversation, they gave up on talking for a few minutes, before leaping off of the bandstand, deciding to see who could jump the furthest, which was Natasha as she could get more momentum as she could push off from the ground with four hoofs as opposed to just two feet, that was until Carmen cheated and transported from the bandstand and landed about five feet further than where Natasha had landed and Carmen automatically laughed, a few of the others started laughing as well, Natasha automatically gave Carmen an evil glare then started laughing along as well, they were in sort of mood that they would do anything simple and relatively easy for a laugh within reason of course, they were friends who happened to get along they were not evil. They then walked around the park a bit longer before they left, they had spent most of the day around there and the older one's had to get back to the school. They walked out of the park, and then Carmen transported Enrique right into his bedroom and told him to lock the door for his own safety as she could hear her father in the house, she then transported herself back outside to the street, (she was more likely to get worn out whilst transporting if she took people with her, the more people she took, the more likely she was to feel tired afterwards also the further that she transported the more likely she was to feel tired afterwards) she found out that whilst she was inside Mason and J had gone to their parents to check if there was any new news on their younger triplet brother Martin, there was no new news, he was the same as the last time they had asked apparently, so the doctors still did not know what was wrong with Martin, his 'illness' had apparently completely baffled them. Once they had returned outside to the rest of the nine of the older people in the group, Carmen the transported them back to the school, as it was about an hour until dinner, she had transported them to the library to do some homework or coursework or whatever they needed to do, they later went down to the dining hall in order to eat some dinner.

Afterwards they went back upstairs and chatted for a while before separating into threes and going into their respective bedrooms and having some more private conversations in their smaller groups, Angelina, Natasha and Alisia discussing teachers, well, mainly just the one Mr Laurent, who Angelina was starting to like a lot, a lot a lot but was refusing to admit to it as she thought that it was most likely just a crush, she refused to admit her true feelings for her teacher at that time, although she was secretly glad that he had been praising her work in class recently, even going as far as to claim that she might be the best person in the class and that if she kept the hard work up she will end up with a really, really good grade at the end of her Standard Level Qualifications (also known as SLQs to most people who did not want to waste their 'valuable' time saying the entire phrase out, and it is also a bit of a mouthful to say sometimes). J, Carmen and Lexiy were discussing their families; Carmen was naturally worried about leaving her brother, Enrique, alone at her parents, Lexiy tried to calm her down, and naturally told her that it was not her fault, Enrique needed a place to stay and the way her father can be was not necessarily her fault as he had been like that on and off for years, he was not like the way he is because of her or because of Enrique or because of their mother, whatever her father decided to do from that point onwards and whatever he had done in the past none of it was down to Carmen, Enrique or their mother, J soon tried to turn the conversation away from that particular touchy subject as soon as she humanly could as Carmen was getting very visibly and psychologically upset, J turned the subject to her two triplet brothers, wondering out loud what Mason was up to and wondering how Martin was, even though she had asked her parents about the health and welfare of her younger brother earlier, she could not stop herself from still wondering about him.