I wailed through my tears,

Hell was unchained,

All of my fears,

They all weren't restrained.

I am now what I call a black dark sea

Waves across the oceans, ripples everywhere,

I am struggling to break free

From life, of which was that dam up in there.

I long for a breath of freedom,

Sweetness 'n' love galore,

Somewhere inside there's wisdom

But all which you have tore.

All those winds towards me,

They aren't refreshing at all,

How you manipulate me,

You're like bouncing a ball.

Why can't I be free?

I ask you, why?

I need a laugh in glee

And long to fly


Sometimes I wonder

What made you go under?

Sometimes I pity you,

But hey! You're never true.

You should tell me

Why did you drag me

down, down, underground?

You know, no one's the boss of me

Yet you think I'm a dummy

Made for who,

made for you?!

And that's not true,

I know all you want to do;

It's just that you don't want to let me go,

For all you know, it might bring you sorrow.

But I'll show you this;

We both had enough,

And you know who He is?

So stop being so rough,

We need to break free

And feel the bliss.

Yes, I mean we.

The dark black sea has stopped moving,

There's a glow in your eyes,

Now you are smiling,

And I no longer crying.

Just tell me,

If we had chose that path,

I know we

Must face the wrath.

So now that it's no more like that,

Would you like to...
Fill up my loving vat?