A Vague Meaning

"Would it be selfish if you don't let the lone person you love go? Or letting the one person you truly love go to chase their dream, and in exchange you get nothing but grief." I asked.

"Well in truth you are being selfish in both situations. In the first situation, you are being selfish to the one you love, and besides that isn't even love. The second situation you are being selfish to yourself however, speaks of real, pure and true love." He replied.

"Why does love have a very vague meaning?" I say asking another question.

"That, I can't answer but I would know love when I see it." He replied sounding proud.

"Really?" I look at him with an expression that shows mock surprise.

"Really," he confirms rather calmly.

"I just hope that love wouldn't too unfair and cruel to me." I said and chuckled afterwards, looking out in the distance.

"But all is fair in love and war," he says giving teasing grin.

"Really funny Joel," I say my voice dripping with sarcasm.

"But it is true Kat!" he defends playing innocent.

"Just shut up! The meteor shower is about to start." I say putting the conversation onto an end.

I looked at him, reminiscing the good and bad times together.

We lay there, side by side on the green grass watching the meteor shower. My childhood best friend, even up 'til now, means everything to me, if he leaves; it would mean the end of the world to me. I just can't imagine how my life will be without him.

Everyone has at least one important person that they cherish and to me, it is my best friend beside me. If I am with him, my world seems brighter, even though he is not mine to keep, he is and will always be in my heart and that's good enough for me.