He's her private dancer
he enchants her
his fluid limbs romance her

She's obsessed
her soul he possess
his movements undress

Power is obscured
he never says a word
but she is always lured

He's paid to fulfil her whim
but she'd do anything for him
he's away, her lights go dim

One day he doesn't show
her jealousy aglow
"Where is he"? she wants to know

She raises his fee
doesn't see the irony
thinks "he's dancing only for me"

Today he doesn't dance for her
she can see to him it's a chore
he doesn't do an encore

She knows its his swan song
to another he belong
to cage him, wrong

She swallows every pill
in her mind he's dancing for her still
she pays his last bill

He was her private dancer
his last dance lance her
deep sleep enchants her