Hello again! As you might have picked up before from all the fantasy stuff i write, I LOOOVE FAIRYTALES! Reading, writing, AND drawing fairytale-themed stuff is one of my big things this year :D enjoy a cutesy little story which used to be a Danny Phantom fanfic. I decided that the setting was way too unrelated to Danny Phantom so i just made it into my own. Hope you like it enough to leave a review :3

Once Upon A Time

By Prenn

Once upon a time, in a faraway town called Deardon Town there lived a man named Alexander Crimson. His wife, Helane, was pregnant and she was starting to fall ill. Eventually, she gave birth to the baby, which they named Maribelle. But two months later, Helane died, leaving Alexander to raise the child by himself, unless he could find a wife soon.

So he set out into the countryside in search for his new wife. One day on the side road he saw a young woman and she was carrying a little baby of her own. The baby was crying. Alexander had compassion on them and gave the baby some of his water to drink.

"Thank you." said the woman. "My name is Ursula."

Alexander began to talk with her and soon learned that she was a widow. Right then and there, he was absolutely smitten with her and asked her to marry him, neglecting to mention his little baby daughter back home. And so they wed, and Ursula's daughter and Alexander's daughter would share a room.

Because Ursula had a lot of money to her name, the new family moved out of Alexander's humble cottage and into the big house on the hill. That's where Maribelle and Jane grew up.

I'd like to tell you that they grew up together and became friends, but they didn't. In fact, their interests were so different that it was exactly the opposite thing that occurred. Whenever they'd so much as try to talk to each other, Jane would bring up the prince of the land which she swooned over. His name was Ryan, and he was a prodigal knight of supposed "magical powers beyond all human comprehension".

Jane longed for him, and she wanted Maribelle to share the longing. But as Maribelle quickly reminded her, "We're common girls, even if we have money. He'd never have any interest in us."

And then one day, Maribelle's father fell sick for months upon months. He was unable to work. And then one night, he died. His death came so sudden that nobody saw it coming. Maribelle mourned for six days.

Maribelle and Jane were left with Ursula to raise them alone. Ursula soon became lonely and vain, and sought for a man that would appreciate her and treat her the same way Alexander did. And then a gentleman named Orneo came into town. He was far richer that Ursula and the girls. Ursula immediately threw herself at him. He claimed she was the most beautiful woman in the land and demanded to wed her immediately.

Maribelle and Jane could sense something was wrong with Orneo, and they didn't want him to marry Ursula. This was the first thing Maribelle and her stepsister agreed on in a long time.

Jane tried to talk to her mother, but Ursula refused to hear her out. Ursula said, "Soon we'll all be twice as rich and I'll have a husband to love me. Why do you insist on spoiling my happiness? You ungrateful children! It was I who raised you and kept you clean and well fed. If you ever say anything against Orneo again, I'll be sure to punish you."

Discouraged and angry, Jane stormed to her room. Maribelle decided to take a chance and talk to her. "Jane?"

"Go away."

But Maribelle entered anyway. "Yesterday, I got word about what the prince announced. Prince Ryan said that he'd offer help to any people who need it. If we make it all the way across the land and we reach his castle, we can plead for his help to get our mother to stay away from Orneo."

"That sounds pretty far-fetched. We're fourteen. It would take us a four days walk to get there."

"Then we should start packing right away."

Maribelle could see that Jane didn't want to agree.

That's when Maribelle said, "You can finally meet the prince. You tell me you're in love with him. Now's your chance." Maribelle started to pack clothes and spare rations into a knapsack. "In four days, you'll be able to tell him you love him, and see if you can win his heart."

"Four days?"

"Four days." Maribelle said determinately.

Jane could see that Maribelle was going to go no matter what. Jane decided she'd do best to tag along with her. Maybe they really would meet the prince after all.