Chapter Eight: Little Circles

The Night of Saturday February 27th 2010

Holiday Joss Boulstridge

It was a dry Saturday in both ways that something can be dry. It didn't snow today and for that I was glad because if it did then Apollo, Gustav and I would have had to go out and shovel the driveway. The last time I shovelled the driveway I pulled my pectoral muscle and couldn't breathe for a week.

This Saturday was also incredibly dry as in dull. Nothing happened. We all got up and ate silent breakfast together. Mother went out with her girlfriends to Starbucks, Apollo studied in his bedroom, Father went into his studio to paint, Pippa and I went back to sleep. Then we all ate a silent lunch minus Mother who was still out, followed by Apollo going back to studying, Father going back to painting, Pippa going to her piano class and me onto the computer to play Minecraft. Then I watched TV, and then I played Battlefield 1943 on my Xbox until JJ called me and told me that he had somehow downloaded a copy of the yet-to-be-released Battlefield: Bad Company 2 one month before it actually came out.

Then I laughed at him when he called me and told me that he hadn't paid attention to how big the file was and had accidentally downloaded a huge virus onto his computer.

Then we had a delightfully drab dinner of cold cucumber soup and whole wheat bread roles because apparently when Mother goes on a diet the whole house has to too. It doesn't bother me in the slightest because Mother's diets last a week at most. Gustav had even replaced all of the juice in the house with cranberry juice and I had drank so much that I was sure if someone had cut me I would have bled cranberry juice.

Soon it was eleven o'clock and nothing of serious interest had occurred. At eleven thirty I decided to call Ryan. This time I was smart and used his cell phone number as opposed to his house's phone for a dual reason; I wouldn't wake up everyone else in Ryan's house and I would get straight to him.

On the second ring Ryan picked up his phone. I could tell he had just woken up because his voice was thick with sleep and I could hear covers ruffling in the background.

"Hello? Holiday?"

"Yeah it's me. I've got great news but I have to see you in person," I said quietly, but tried to maintain my voice's audibility. "Can I see you tonight?"

"Tonight? Holiday, it's eleven o'clock at night."

"Sneak out. I've got a car and I can come and get you."

"Where are we going to go?"

"My place. Let's experiment," I said suggestively.

I heard Ryan chuckle on the other end. "If you're not here in five minutes you can forget it. I'll be in the driveway and If you love your life you won't honk. I live at . . ."

"All right!" I cried, once he finished giving me his address. "See you in a bit." Happily I leapt out of my bed and dragged on a pair of polyester track pants and a white t-shirt that I thought accentuated my muscles the best. I topped it with a hoodie and my tweed coat because I knew that though it hadn't snowed, it was still February and was still very cold.

I grabbed my car keys and slipped on my winter boots. I zoomed down the road, so happy I was out of my mind. I was about to see Ryan Tramblay, the Ryan Tramblay I had waited so long to finally have.

Ryan was standing in the middle of his driveway, steam wafting out of his mouth and nostrils. He climbed into the passenger's side and smiled widely at me. "Your car is awesome! I bet it's new."

"I got it a couple weeks ago. Does it really smell like new car still? I love that scent and I've been trying to maintain it," I said as I backed the car up carefully.

"It smells like fresh leather," Ryan said as he took a deep sigh and then sank deeper into the chair. He looked so adorable because his cheeks and the tip of his nose was red from the cold.

"I broke up with Piper," I confessed.

"God, that must have been hard. How'd she take it?" Ryan said sympathetically. There wasn't a trace of joy in his expression when he said it.

"She didn't. She flipped out and started crying. I felt so bad then, but if I had stayed with her it would have been worst." I said mostly to myself and not to him. I needed convincing that I was doing the right thing.

We rode in silence for the rest of the ride. When we got to my house I simply parked the car in the driveway instead of parking it in the garage. I exited the car as quickly as Ryan did and led him around to the indoor pool. In the summer the indoor pool was carefully air conditioned, but in the winter the room and the pool water was warmed to perfection.

"You have a pool house? You're rich and you WORK?" Ryan cried in shock as we approached the pool house. I opened the door and held it for him allowing him to enter first.

"Father said working builds character."

"I can't swim, I'm don't even have a swim suit. I'm wearing jeans for crying out loud," Ryan gestured at himself and them raised his blond eyebrows.
I unzipped my coat and hoodie and then cast them aside. Ryan's eyes travelled quickly to my torso before looking away again. I pulled off my t-shirt and then cast that to the floor as well. I stripped down until I was wearing nothing more than my pinstriped grey boxers.

"I'm not dressed for it either," I gestured at my body and Ryan reddened and averted his eyes. "Don't be a spoilsport. Get in the pool or else I'll push you in."' I started to walk toward him and Ryan hurried away from me. "You know you want to be in the pool!" I cried with a laugh.

"Noo!" Ryan shrieked. I chased him from the deep end side to the shallow end before I managed to encircle my arms around him. I dragged him over to the pool and he screamed when I dragged us both in.

Ryan Tramblay

When we resurfaced we were both laughing. I clasped my hands tightly around Holiday's neck my coat clad chest pressed to his bare chest and my hands slipping from around his slick neck.

"You've got to take off all those clothes, you're weighing me down," said Holiday with a devilish grin. Beneath the water he had already started on my coat's zipper.

"I can't take off everything," I said. I really couldn't. I was wearing white boxers that would become translucent and clingy when wet. Holiday could not see me like that so early on.

"Take off as much as you can. It'll help you swim." So Holiday carried me over to the edge and watched me as I peeled off my wet coat, my t-shirt and my socks. I left on my jeans but rolled up the cuffs. Then I dived back into the water with Holiday.

We splashed each other until we were both so wet that our bangs lay painted on our foreheads. Then Holiday started cheating and whenever I would try and splash him he would duck under the water. I would dive under the water too and open my eyes so I could see him. His hair floated around his head like a halo and his body was divine. He had broad shoulders, a slim waist and sculpted arms.

We raced each other back and front across the pool, and he always managed to beat me. We swam until my teeth started to chatter and Holiday's lips turned purple
from the cold.

"I think we should get out." I said, completely exhausted. I dragged myself out of the pool and laid myself out on the tiles next to the pool.

"Good idea. You can wear some of my clothes home. You might as well spend the night. It's too late for me to bring you home anyway." Holiday said. He hoisted himself out of the pool and I couldn't help but stare. Water dripped from the ends of his hair down his shoulders and onto his pecs.

Holiday helped me wring out my coat, hoodie and t-shirt before we exited the pool house. We ran from the cold from the pool house to the main house like we were running a marathon. Once we got inside Holiday popped all of my clothes into the dryer aside from my coat which he hung over the banister of his staircase. "Be really quiet," he warned.

We climbed up the staircase barefoot and sopping wet, trailing slick footprints up the wooden staircase. Holiday took my hand and led me to his bedroom, which so huge it was the size of my kitchen and living room combined. It was painted grey and every piece of furniture in there was black. Holiday grabbed two fluffy towels from the linen closet across from his room and then shut the door ever so softly behind him.

"Gonna sleep in those wet jeans or are you going to let me give you dry ones?" Holiday asked as he pulled open his walk-in closet.

"I'll take them off, but you can't stare at me, okay? Promise?"

"I can't make a promise I know I can't keep." Holiday said and his smile was so wide that I could hear it in his voice. He rooted around in his closet and pulled out a red and black striped long sleeve shirt and a pair of black track pants.

"Turn around!" I ordered him. Holiday stuck out his pierced tongue and the did as I told him which have me an odd surge of power.

I unbuttoned my jeans and peeled them off and to now surprise my white underwear provided me as much coverage as a gauzy sheer scarf. I grappled around for the track pants Holiday had given me only to realize that Holiday was completely gazing at me in awe.

"You said-!" I began to protest but he pushed me against the wall. He ran his hand up from the side of my waist to my chest, up to my neck and then to my cheek.

Right then all I wanted him to do was to kiss me. I wanted to feel him press his lips against mine the same way that TJ kissed Duke and the way Hunter kissed Paige. I tilted my face up to his and flicked my eyes from his lips to his eyes. Kiss me! I thought. Please! It didn't matter to me if he wasn't a girl, I wanted to feel his lips against mine.

As if he could read my mind he bent down and brushed his lips against mine before planting a full kiss on my lips. He tasted like cranberry juice and chlorinated water. I liked the pressure his lips put on mine. He kissed me again slowly sucking my lower lip before kissing me again with his tongue in my mouth. My cheeks grew hot and I pressed my hands against his chest.

When I opened my eyes I could tell that Holiday was excited from the rise of his boxers. "Did you like that?" He whispered, his voice low and husky. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his head toward mine so that we could kiss again. Hungrily I grasped his lips in mine and kissed him again. "I think I can take that as a yes," he purred.

We fell backwards onto the bed and I was swarmed in new sensations. The feelings of our slicked legs sliding over each other. Holiday's chest rising and falling against my own. Holiday's lips on my lips. Holiday's tongue ring clinking against my own. My heart hammering in my chest out of fear and excitement. Then another strange feeling buzzing in a place that I blushed to think about. As the excitement climbed to an all-time high, the fear started to take over completely.

What was I doing? I was lying in Holiday's bed with nothing but underwear and a half-naked Holiday on top of me. His maleness was a firm rod against my stomach and I knew that if I didn't stop things eventually, things were going to get even more out of control then they were already.

When Holiday broke away from me to take a breath, he gasped sharply and then leaned in to kiss me again, but I turned my head so that he kissed my cheek. "I think we should stop," I said firmly looking directly into his green eyes.

"You're right," Holiday said. He rolled off of me and then tossed me the track pants I had been trying to put on. "Let's get dressed and get to bed, shall we?" He put on a grey quarter-sleeved Henley and a pair of printed long pyjama pants.

Without getting off of the bed I shimmied the waistband of the pants up onto my calves and then around my hips. I pulled the pants all the way up to the tiniest part of my waist, but the hems of the pants were too long for me and hung way past my feet. Holiday noticed his and knelt by the end of the bed and rolled each foot up with a serene smile on his face.

"You didn't have to," I said to Holiday.

"I wanted to," He kissed my calf which was fuzzy with pale blonde hairs and then smacked my leg which elicited a soft yelp from me. He handed me the striped red and white sweater and I tugged it on, only to discover that the sleeves hung past my hands. "You're cute with my clothes on," Holiday said with an amused smile.
When I smiled bashfully and burrowed under Holiday's covers he chuckled softly and turned off the lights in his room. Holiday's bed was pushed up against the wall, so that the left side of the bed was against the left wall. Holiday's bed was queen sized, so there was more than enough room for both of us. Exhausted, there was no greater feeling aside from the feeling of Holiday's lips on mine than the feeling of my head hitting the pillow.

When Holiday climbed into the bed, he huddled close to me in the bed and then dragged the soft quilt over his shoulders and then mine. I slept on my side with my back angled toward the bed, so my back was almost facing Holiday. Smoothly, he slipped his hand under my shirt and drew small circles on my lower back. I smiled at him and he gave me a quick peck on the lips. Before I knew it I was feeling sleepy, though how could I sleep, when I had just learned an incredibly important thing about myself?

Until now I had fancied myself a straight boy who thought that a clerk at a tattoo parlour had a nice looking face. Now what was I? I knew that I liked being kissed by
Holiday and it stirred feelings in parts of me I would rather leave unmentioned. I didn't think I was gay because hardly a few days ago I was nearly salivating over Piper and how massive her breasts were. Just thinking about it now made my body buzz with delight. Maybe I was bisexual?

Whatever I was, I could think about these things tomorrow. I took a deep breath and inhaled the scent of softener in Holiday's pillows. Before I knew it, sleep had me wrapped in its warm embrace.

The Early Morning of Sunday February 28th 2010

Holiday Joss Boulstridge

Four hours after we had fallen asleep at one o'clock in the morning, Ryan was sitting on my pelvis and jolting my shoulders around. "Holiday! Holiday wake up!" Ryan whispered as loudly as he could, trying to wake me without waking the rest of my house. He smacked my cheeks with his hands and I could feel his fingertips running over the scar on my cheek.

Instead of waking up, I stayed still and eagerly waited to see what Ryan would try and do to wake me up. Hopefully he would lean over and whisper sexily in my ear. Ryan had other plans for me. He intertwined his hands together and then pressed down on my diaphragm so hard that it winded me.

"Ah! Ryan!" I cried, snapping my eyes open. "What the hell?" I clutched my stomach with one hand and placed my other hand just above his hip and let my hand drift down to his side and then rested my thumb along the slight groove of his Adonis Belt.

"You think you're slick, eh?" Ryan said waggling a finger in my face. He touched the corner of my lip and grinned. "You were awake when I was smacking you. I saw you smiling."

"What is it? It's like four o'clock in the morning. Go back to bed you crazy little thing," as I said this, I turned Ryan over so that his back was on the bed and he was underneath me.

"Holiday, my parents go to church on Sunday mornings. If I don't get home before eight o'clock I'm going to be in an insurmountable amount of trouble," Ryan said with a straight face. "Just drive me over to the house and I'll text TJ to open the front door so that he can let me in."

"Text him now so that when I drive you home he'll be ready," I said. I rolled off of Ryan so that he could climb out of my bed. Then Ryan sprang up in the bed, and put
his hand on my chest. Even in the dark I could see the whites of his eyes because his eyes were opened so widely.

"Holiday! My cell phone was in my jeans' pocket when you pulled me into the pool!" Once Ryan's words were out of his mouth my stomach felt like it had tightened up and all of its contents were being pushed up my oesophagus. How could I have been so stupid? Why didn't I just let Ryan come into the pool on his own terms once he had shed his jacket?

"Maybe it survived," I said trying to be optimistic.

"No way. It got submerged in water for how long and now it's lying in a pair of sopping jeans on your floor?" I watched as Ryan climbed over my legs and then off the bed. He crawled around on my hardwood floor patting the ground as he went until he encountered the pair of jeans. I heard him gasp softly as he pulled the cell phone out of his pocket and the noise of him pressing buttons over and over again.

"It's dead," Ryan said solemnly. He climbed back into my bed and tucked himself safely in the corner. I felt so horrible right then I could have punched myself. Why was I so stupid?

"You know TJ's number by heart, right?" I asked him hopefully. If he didn't how was he supposed to get into his house? Man, why didn't think before I told him to spend the night at my house? I had no idea that I was going to get him into a world of trouble.

"Luckily I do. What am I going to do about my phone? My folks are going to kill me! They can't afford to get me a new phone!" Ryan wailed. He climbed back onto the bed and put his head onto my chest.

"Don't worry about that. I'll get you one. And don't even bother saying No, because money's not a problem for me," I said firmly. "Take my phone and call your brother. I'll just put a hoodie on over this and we'll go." I reached beneath me and pulled out my iPhone and watched as Ryan's eyes nearly popped out in awe.

"Lucky!" He cried. I handed the phone to him and he marvelled at the device before finally unlocking it. He dialled his brother's number quickly and then held the phone to his ear.

Ryan sat on the edge of my bed and I placed a quick kiss on his soft neck. I couldn't keep my hands of him and I don't blame myself. I had finally gotten my dream boy here right in my room. What more could I have wanted?

Ryan tapped his lips indicating he wanted a kiss from me and I quickly placed one on his lips. "TJ? It's me, Ryan. Listen, you need to unlock some sort of door. . .I'm not there . . . oh come on! . . . you thought the covers . . . okay then. . . I'm at Holiday's . . . of course I'm with Holiday! . . . just open the front door or the basement door or something. . . please?!" Ryan wailed. "Thank you. I'll be there in fifteen minutes. Bye."

"Ready?" I asked nervously. Already my time with Ryan had drawn to a close. One hour of gleeful swimming, five minutes of kissing and three hours of peaceful slumbering wasn't enough. The warmth from Ryan's body heat hadn't even left the bed, but already I was missing him.

"Yes. I just want to know what we're going to do about . . . us, you know?" Ryan said bashfully. He climbed up off of my bed and wrapped his arms around his torso.

"You like me don't you? And I like you too, so naturally we should date," I said coolly, even though there was nothing riding on my words. If I talked smoothly I could have myself a fresh new boyfriend named Ryan Tramblay.

"You want to be my boyfriend?" Ryan asked excitedly.

"Of course I want to be your boyfriend! I've always wanted you and I want you right now," I held his face in my hands and kissed his soft lips again. "Now, let's drop you home, boyfriend."

The Morning of Sunday February 28th 2010

Ryan Gabriel Tramblay

I could hardly tear myself away from Holiday when the time had come. As soon as he parked the car I leaned over the gearshift and kissed him deeply again. I was so excited I could have screamed. Finally I could understand what people meant when they talked about being in a relationship.

"TJ's waiting," Holiday gasped when he pulled away. "I don't want you to get in trouble. I want to see you again," He said breathlessly. He brushed my bangs away from my forehead and kissed me a little bit above my eyebrows.

"Bye," I said. I climbed out of the passenger's side and gently shut the door behind me. I looked through the glass on Holiday's Dodge Charger and waved at him. He smiled back at me and waved back.

I grabbed the corners of Holiday's leather lettermen jacket that he had lent me because my jacket was still wet and hurried toward my house. I stepped into the glass patio, and before I had two feet into the patio TJ tore open the front door.

He looked remarkably like Mom with his mouth drawn up like a drawstring bag. "Get. In. Side." TJ hissed. His eyes weren't even open, all I saw was half-moons of his eyes. Once I kicked off my shoes he grabbed the leather sleeve of the jacket and dragged me into the house.

He shut the door gently behind him and then dragged me back up the stairs. I could tell already that TJ was mad. He held onto me until he brought me upstairs and then shut the door behind me.

I sat down on my bed and he pushed me back onto the bed. He wrestled the coat off of me and then tossed it onto his bed across the room. He laid himself beside me and covered both of us in the thick comforter I slept with.

"What?" I said.

"Don't what me. Give me a reason why I shouldn't rat you out to Mom and Dad." TJ quipped.

"Taylor Jude," I said. "Don't go telling Mom and Dad. When you do things, I don't tell Mom and Dad."

"I'm pretty sure if I left in the middle of the night and didn't come back until four in the morning you would have told them." TJ said, and he did have a point. I would have said something to Mom and Dad.

"Well, if I tell you everything, will you keep this between us?"

TJ chuckled in the dark. "You know I will. Now, go."

"I think I'm bisexual."



"That's what I thought about myself at first," TJ said.

"But girls still get me off."

"You're odd Ryan. I mean I know how it feels to be totally attracted to one sex and totally unattracted to another. While you don't know what it's like to be unattracted to one because you're attracted to both."

After a while of thinking about what TJ had just said, I agreed with him. "Yeah, I guess I am odd. Holiday and I are sort of together."

"So it was him that you were with?" TJ said warming up to me. His jovial tone was returning and I prayed he didn't go back to being sour and angry again.

"He picked me up at one o'clock and took me to their house," I continued to tell TJ whole story from the moment that I stepped into the tattoo parlour until now. I told him about how I wasn't exactly sure I was attracted to Holiday, but I thought he was good looking. I told him about how Holiday was openly bisexual and had dated guys and girls in the past. I told TJ everything and when I was finished I felt as light as a bubble freshly blown.