"I'm collecting your work sheets in eight minutes." Her voice annoyed me, scratch that she annoyed me. I looked up at the clock holding my finished work sheet in my hand.

1 minute goes by.

The second.



She stands up from her desk, I can hear the irritating clop of her shoes. She had the most screwed up sense of style ever.



She said eight minutes, did she not? She began to collect the sheets from everyone. By the eighth minute she had all sheets collected and was positioned back in her desk, flipping through the pages with pursed lips the colour of a perfectly red apple.

"Liar." I whispered under my breath, she said eight minutes but only gave us six. I know it was more of a figure of speech, but I was an accurate person who never lied no matter how dangerous the truth was. She lied.

"What was that, Piper?" I heard her voice reach my ears, as I turned to her with arms crossed and narrowed eyes.

"I was just saying that you where a liar, Mrs. Adarma." I stated coldly, my classmates tensed around me, as she glared at me. I didn't really care much for her glare though, I was thinking of the title "Mrs" Who exactly would want to marry her? She was nothing but a cruel old witch who knew nothing about Geography as much as she said she did.

"And exactly how.. did you come to that conclusion Piper?" She hissed through gritted teeth, her teeth where yellow and chipped, I noticed that the first day of school. She smokes, how ironic. The fact teachers tell you smoking, drugs, and alcohol are bad when most of the teachers in this building do all of the above.

"You said you where collecting the work sheets in eight minutes, it was only six." I sighed as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. The class erupted into laughter at my statement, apparently I was amusing.

Mrs. Adarma stood from her desk, the bottom of her chair squeaking on the marble floor as she clopped her way over to my desk, crossing her arms with an air of superiority of her. She wasn't superior, nor was she any better than me. She was only human like myself, after all. I looked up at her with innocent green eyes, she wasn't fooled. They never are. She snapped her hand down on my desk, as the laughing cut off at the unsatisfying sound it made.

"Well that was uncalled for." I stated blatantly.

"So was your observation, Piper."

"Everything I say is uncalled for Mrs. Adarma, I thought you would be used to it by now." I began picking at my nails, gosh darn it how do I get so much dirt underneath them? They look as if I was playing in the dirt all day.

"Which is exactly why I'm so used to sending you down to the principles office, get up and go." She growled. Ohh free pass out of class, perfect. Standing up I waved goodbye to my second period Geography teacher as I walked towards the door with confidence.

"She's so weird."

"Why does she always act like that?"

"She probably has some sort of mental issue."

Keep talking, because in a long shot I'm better than you will ever be.

I walked out of the school building with my bag over my shoulder, pulling my coat tighter around me to keep the cold from seeping into my skin. I've always hated the cold for some reason. But then again, I hate a lot of things.

You want to know about me? Here it is. My name is Piper, last name not needed. 15 years old and attending Crescent Hill Secondary School. I take all academic classes, and get kicked out a lot for back talking, or out smarting the idiotic and oblivious teachers at this screwed school. I skip a lot too, but still maintain an 80-90 average. I'm considered a troubled student, but also a genius. Contradictory right?

I live with my dad, who in all honesty can go fuck himself. He's never hit me, or anything of that sort. But every day of my life ever since I was a little girl he makes it a fact to remind me I'm a worthless piece of shit every day, tells me nobody ever wanted me so he took me on by himself. So I better be great full. Because apparently, I'm never great full. I have an older brother, well.. had. He left to the army a few years back, couldn't take my dad's shit any more. My mom died giving birth to me, my dad blames me for it. Telling me I'm the monster that killed the love of his life, he's been dumb ass drunk ever since.

I have a job as a baby sitter, I use all the money to buy myself cloths and food since my dad never bothers to help me out with that. I don't have many friends either, actually scratch that I don't have any friends. A few people who say hi to me in the hall ways out of pity, because like mentioned before..

I'm pathetic.

I usually go home after being kicked out of a class, and just hide in my bedroom until my dad comes home from the bar around midnightish. He works there as a bouncer, but he drinks until he drops so I have to feed him than put him to sleep like he's some baby after he gets home. On the weekends it's a worse fate for myself, because he goes on rampages. I'm thinking on getting emancipated, it's my only hope left. Who am I kidding? I don't have hope.

And actually yes, I do have a mental issue. I have depression issues, and insomnia. I use to be bi-polar but I take pills, so I'm not as bad. When people say things like that I just ignore them, they're not worth my time and I'm obviously not worth their's, so what's the point?

I recalled yesterday's events with great force, as I kept walking to my destination. I got kicked out of first period drama, and went home.

I opened the door to my house, walking in and hearing my dads voice call to me.


"Shit." I whisper, hanging my coat on the hook and walking down the hallway.

"Yeah dad?"

"Why are you home?" He said, he was sitting in the living room watching TV, he had a beer in his hand.

"I got sick."

"You filthy lying bitch." And there it is.

"I'm going to my room."

"Don't turn your back on me, Piper."

"I'm not. I just don't feel well."

"Are you getting an attitude with me?"

"No dad. Why are you home?" Change the subject before it gets ugly, Piper.

"Got fired." Just fucking great.

"What did you do?" He stood up, walking over to me. He smelt strongly of beer and smokes, a hint of weed was there too.

"Beat up some punk for calling me a drunk."

"That wasn't smart."

"Who you calling dumb girl? If anyone's dumb around here, it's you and your idiot brother!" He bellowed, following me down the hall way. I was starting to get really tired of his shit.

"DAD! Owen is fucking gone and never coming back, so stop bringing him up! And you know what you are dumb! Dumb for fighting and losing your job, because the rent is in a month, and how the hell are you supposed to pay it, hu? I thought so! So stop being an ass for once and do something worth whi-"


And now here I stand on the edge of a 15 story high building. This is where my feet took me after getting kicked out of Geography.

Now listen, I know what you're thinking. Suicide is not a resort, and never will be.

Walk in my shoes and say that again.

I stood on the edge thinking.

My brother Owen, the best person to ever come into my life, and the worst to ever leave. It was hard saying good bye to him, just a week ago we received a phone call.

Killed by a road side bomb in Afghanistan.

I thought about my 'friends.' I never had any.

I thought about people that where there for me. Never had any.

I thought about teachers who where supposed to help me. They never did.

I thought about my father who was supposed to love me. Never has.

I thought about my mother that I practically killed. Was it really my fault?

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I kept staring straight on out, hearing the car horns below me in the busy street. 15 stories high, it should be quick and painless right?

"Who are you?"

"My name is Hope."

"That's a stupid name."

"I am your guardian angel." I laughed, looking behind me there was a small girl standing there. She had limp blond hair, and pale blue eyes that seemed to smile at me.

"What do you know? You're only a girl, playing a stupid trick." My feet edged forward.

"She does want to do this." I almost jumped in surprise, I didn't though. I haven't fallen yet.

"My name is Greed, and I am your guardian angel."

"That's a fucking lie." I stated. Greed and Hope, really?

"How so?" The small girl who had just recently walked up the buildings stairs asked. She had deep black hair, and dark brown eyes. They where complete opposites, besides gender.

"Guardian angels are virtues, Hope is a virtue. Greed is a sin, a deadly sin."

"So you're religious?"

"Not at all."

"What a pity." 'Greed' mocked. The blond girl, 'Hope as she called herself reached out to me.

"Take my hand, you don't want to do this. You can get emancipated. You can live a good life, and find someone who will give you the love you've never had. You have a whole life ahead of you." I was tempted, but stood my ground.

"No, just jump. You have nothing left to live for, there's nothing here for you." Laughed the black haired girl, 'Greed.'

She's right.

I took a step.

Heard a scream. Was it my own?

Felt the wind in my face. Was I flying?

And felt the impact for less than a second. I've made it to the ground.

It was all peaceful. Is this Heaven?

I saw my brother, his warm smile, his caring atmosphere. I was finally free.

Then his smile warped into a cruel grin, and his face morphed into a little girl with black hair and dark brown eyes. What is this?

My heart tore, my brain split in two as I fell farther and farther into the depths of.. Hell?

I heard the sweet voice of Hope call out to me. They where not words, but screeches of pain for my lost life she was sent to save.

I heard the cruel laughter of Greed warping around me. She was sent to kill me, she succeeded.

I made the wrong choice.

And I can never turn back. Ever.

Will they care?

Will anybody care?

Will they even notice?

Probably not.

A/N: So yeah, this story was fairly dark and sad but I wanted to add this because it reflects on the bad side of society, the fact that so many people kill themselves every day because no one is ever there for them, and no one tries to be there for them. So just remember, reach out and you may restore Hope in someone's heart. Choa bella's :)