The River Lethe flowed silently in the distance. The River Styx crashed on the shores behind me. I was careful to stay out of range of the burning black water. Even though that same river gave me impenetrable skin, I guessed it would hurt all the same. My feet padded over the dead grass as I walked through Asphodel. The gates of Elysium stopped me in my path. I wonder if only the dead can pass through these gates. Maybe I am not worthy to enter into this haven for heroes. Though, because of my corrupted soul, full of endless sins, I must enter into heaven.

The River Lethe can wipe my memories. I can forget all the guilt, the pain. I can start over. Or I can go have Death kill me. Then jump in the Lethe, and get reborn. Either way would work just the same, though I figured the first would be less painful. Maybe, though, I deserved the pain. I was a monster, and possibly I deserved to die. Maybe the Lethe would hurt like the Styx did. Maybe because I caused pain, it would cause me pain.

I pushed on the glistening, golden gates. Surprisingly enough, they flung open, and I stepped into Elysium. It was beautiful, of course, but my mind was on other things. I made my way through the crowds of heroes, and finally came to the milky white river. Its very movement seemed to be a lullaby, and I had to force my eyes to stay open. Without a thought, I jumped in.

Memories flashed before my eyes. Everything I've ever done. The good things first, and then the bad. Pointless small things, and then the only horrible thing I had ever done. I had to watch as my vision body stood there, and watched Her fall at the Queen's feet.

I came to this river to wipe that memory. I let my one true love be killed. And here I was, watching it happen. Wishing I had done something, but by the time my feet had begun to work, it was too late.

Suddenly everything went black. When my vision returned, I was lying on a sidewalk somewhere, and I couldn't remember anything. Not even my name.