This chapter is mine. Next chapters are written by Farrell and Ella

People whine about having a boring life. I did also, but not anymore. Not since The Change. I better start from the beginning, the day before The Change…

"It's a ball. You need to catch it!" I shrunk down as the coach bellowed at me again. So yeah, I can't catch a ball, big deal. "Okay practice's over. All of you can go home…except for you Sara." The coach yelled at the team and everyone ran to the waiting cars. Now I am a usual 16 year-old, but the coach is a monster, super tall. If he has a nice side I haven't seen it. "Sara, if you want to stay on this team you have to learn to play better. Every girl can catch a simple softball, but you. You can hit and throw, but if you can't catch then you can't play on the field. Try practicing at home. Maybe you can shape up before the first game."

"Okay." I mumbled and started to walk home. I live a quarter of a mile from school so I always walk home. Never take the bus or have my parent's drive me home. My mom made me join softball. Just because she was a great player doesn't mean I'm one too. "Ugh, why do I always have to live up to my mom's stupid reputation!" I kicked a stone and it crashes into something under the bushes. I reach under and feel something smooth. I grab it and find out it is a weird shiny box. It has a weird symbol on it. It looked like an hour glass but with triangles instead of ovals. I toss the box back in the bushes, not caring about it. Little did I know that that box could have changed my life

Earlier I talked about The Change. Well this is what The Change was. One night a strange blue light fell over the city. It stayed like that for 3 hours then left. I didn't think anything of it and fell back to sleep. When I woke up in the morning I changed. I had blue skin and eyes green as grass. I shrieked and a weird noise came out of my mouth! I reached for my mirror next to the bed and saw I had webbed hands. I looked at myself and saw my eyes were fully green. No pupil or iris, just green. My hair was longer and the color of the sea. Blue-green. My mouth was full of tiny, sharp teeth. I screamed again and it sounded like an animal yowling with water in its mouth. I was having trouble breathing. What the hell happened? I stood up and found I was shorter than before. I was about foot tall. Shorter then my bed! I must of made a lot of noise cause my mom came running in looking…looking…normal?! She had not changed at all. She saw me, screamed, and passed out. I ran over to her, "Mom! MOM!" I shouted, but a weird chattering sound came out of my mouth. I ran to the window and had to climb onto the window sill to see out. I will never forget what I saw that day.

I saw nothing! Yeah nothing! I swore I would have seen more of these creatures running around…boy was I wrong. I jumped off the window sill onto my bed thinking. What happened? Why are there no more like me? Why didn't mom or dad change? I heard a sound and my mom was coming to. Not wanting to scare her again, I ran out of that room. My dad was in his room getting ready and my sister was still sleeping. I ran down the stairs and stopped. I am a foot tall and didn't kill myself on the stairs. Weird. I ran to the door knowing I had to get out of the house 'cause I could hear my mom freaking out at my dad. I jumped trying to reach the doorknob and found I could jump up to five feet in the air. I got the doorknob and managed to turn it. I got outside and ran to my friend's house and sat down on their driveway. Ellary wasn't home so I didn't need worry about her or her family seeing me. What the hell happened? I rubbed my neck and felt something burned into my skin there. I traced it. Oh god! It was that symbol on the box! How…I heard a sound growing louder and louder and saw a car coming down the street. It was Ellary's car! Well let me tell you I jumped out of the way, forgetting about the sign and ran back across the street no wanting her to see my this way. Fortunately she didn't want me to see her either.

When Ellary got out her car she looked the same, maybe she was a bit tanner then before. Then she turned around. I gasped, but I couldn't help it. On the back of her arms she had green scales! I couldn't believe it! What happened to Ellary? Then I saw the tail. A dragon's tail. Ellary finished grabbing her luggage and carried it inside while I just sat there trying to breath. Then she came back out and saw me. Her mouth dropped and she just stared at me. Then she ran across the street and knelt next to me. Even on her knees she was still super tall.

"Sara?" I nodded knowing that she couldn't understand me if I tried to speak. "What happened to you?" I shrugged the pointed at her. "I rather not talk about what happened to me. Has this happened to anyone else?" I shook my head then got an idea. I ran inside and up the stairs and somehow grabbed my phone. I don't know how I got it down the stairs and out the door but I did. Ellary didn't move where she was, but she was sitting down now. I pushed my phone over to her and dialed Ana's phone. She picked up on the third ring.

"Hello?" I began to speak rapidly into the phone while Ellary sat dumbfounded that I couldn't speak English anymore.

"Sara! Slow down I can't understand anything your saying." After that I yelled on word into the phone.