Seven little Jacquelines

Seven little Jacquelines

All in a row

Pull the triggers

And down they go

Pretty little ladies

Incredible finds

No one knew they

Came with minds

Proper gentlewomen

It's really too bad

They didn't have the sense

Their mothers had

To marry some wealthy

Business men

Lower their eyes and

Learn to pretend

That they're always very happy

Caring for the kids

Doing exactly

What their husbands bid

But seven pretty ladies

Got out of control

Wanted too much

So they sold their souls

To the Comrade General

And his resistance

Fighting for their future

To make a difference

Seven little Jacquelines

All a bit mad

Fighting for rights women

Weren't meant to have

Society's a battle

That they will never win

It always was and always will

Be a kingdom made for men.

For the safety of our people

Who must never be defiant

Our seven pretty rebels

Finally fell silent.

But the heart of their message

Continues to spread

For man cannot make

An idea fall dead

Seven little Jacquelines

All in a row

from their flowered graves will

a new rebellion grow.