Hi folks. I am back, but for now I only have the prologue of Card Master DELTA: Rebooted ready to go. I hope you will like it, and also for this Prologue I only own Talon. Van Quatra owns Star and Cross. Decode9 Over and Out.

Prologue-Talon's Leave

There is a realm that no human can see. It existences somewhere between the world of the sky, the earthly plane, and the under. In this realm THEY see all.

A realm all covered in white a black cloaked figure is headed towards a silver gate "Please stop!" A women's voice yelled to the cloaked figure. This figure could not be seen, except for her shimmering silver eyes which her irises where shaped like a silver star.

"Star…I am sorry, but I have to do this." Said the cloaked figure. All that could be seen was his shimmering sky green eye and crimson red silted eye "What you are doing is reckless." Said a gruff male voice. The figure looked towards the gate and there was a tall obscured figure. He had purple eyes with a cross over his irises

"Cross…Star…If HE is not sealed" The figure started "We know what will happen, but your father has grown too strong…even for you Talon. How do you expect to seal him?" The man called Cross asked gruffly and the cloaked figure now know as Talon fell silent gripping something in his hand.

The man took notice of this and let out a heavy sigh "Fine, but I hope you know what to expect." He said and Talon nodded "Yes. I will seal him…for good this time." He said "What are you going to do with the core after you seal him?" Star asked

"I will have it forged into something harmless, and…" He didn't continue as he approached the gate "Star…Cross…I have known you two for eons now. If I do not succeed in sealing him…Then becoming a god means nothing to me." He said as he approached the gate

"I left something behind. A prophecy. I can only hope it will come to pass, and that the choice made will be for the good of the world." Talon said and opened the gate. There was a bright flash and he was gone as the gate closed.

Cross did not say a word but as for Star "Goodbye…My good friend."

Ages will pass

The eyes will pass

The Corrupt will change

When the one with dual eyes awakens

A pathway to the end will open

With eyes of Green and Crimson

A choice will be made

And destines fulfilled

Nicolette: Hi there! Hope you are enjoying this reboot. In the very first episode of Card Master DELTA: Rebooted you will be introduced to me. I am still pretty down after I lost an Armor Duel a couple weeks ago…I am still wondering what I should do.

Titan: Hey Nicolette. How about a little practice?

Nicolette: Your on Titan!

D9: Next time on the first episode of Card Master DELTA: Rebooted/Dawn of Adventure! Armor Duel!

Nicolette: I think this duel will help me understand more about what he meant. Just you wait Kaine!