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A few days have passed since Nicole received the Data deck. Many people have challenged her, and she actually was enjoying her duels. She still has trouble understanding the deck, but she gets lucky a lot during her duels.

Many people had been hoping to win that contest that Nicole had won in order to get the deck, but there was one kid that was more desperate than hoping, and that was due to him having a debt to pay to the dreaded 'Collector'. He is willing to get the deck by any means.

The world must have had other things in mind. Because Max stood in the boy's way of getting the deck.

Card Master DELTA: Rebooted OP (Where I Stand V2)

Let's duel

I want to know what new adventures are over the horizon

Something is waiting there for me

Calling out a song to me

From where I stand

I can't tell

I can't see

But the options are at my fingertips

Going with the beat

Going with the flow

Let's go!

I'll keep up the pace (pick it up)

I won't hold back (going strong)

I won't let down (climbing higher)

I'll fight until the very end! (never giving up)

Cause that is who I am (who I will be)

That is where I stand (stand my ground)

The day gets dimmer, loosing light

The night gets longer, moonless eve

The fight gets harder, I must be stronger, giving it my all

The fighting never ends, the battle goes on and on

I'll keep up the pace (pick it up)

I won't hold back (going strong)

I won't let down (climbing higher)

I'll fight until the very end! (never giving up)

Cause that is who I am (who I will be)

That is where I stand (stand my ground)

I'll keep up the pace (pick it up)

I won't hold back (going strong)

I won't let down (climbing higher)

I'll fight until the very end! (never giving up)

Cause that is who I am (who I will be)

That is where I stand (stand my ground)

The adventure is there

A song always repeating

Calling to me

Let's go!

Cause who knows what new adventure is waiting for me

Something is out there

Calling out to my soul

I can hear it

I'll keep up the pace (pick it up)

I won't hold back (going strong)

I won't let down (climbing higher)

I'll fight until the very end! (never giving up)

Cause that is who I am (who I will be)

That is where I stand (stand my ground)

Cause that is who I am

Going with the beat

My soul will lead the way

That is where I stand

EPISODE 6-Keeping A Promise

It was another normal day in class, but Max was not paying attention. He could not help, but sleep. He is passing in all his classes, and couldn't help but sleep. His sleep took him to a memory of years before, and a promise he made a friend years ago.

"Max. It's not your fault." A young purple haired girl said to him "I tried to get it back, but I couldn't. I am really sorry Diva." Max replied sadly "Stop right there Max. I might have lost my deck, and I might be moving, but could you make me a promise?" Diva asked causing Max to look up.

"Yeah?" he said "Just promise me…if you make another friend like me…don't let anything happen to them." Diva asked and Max nodded yes "Thanks Max." Diva said then an older women was waving at her "Bye Max." she said and left. This would be one of the last times he saw her.

He felt someone nudging him "Max…come on. Don't want the teacher catching you asleep." Nicole said making him wake and watch the teacher "Sorry. I had trouble sleeping last night." Max lied making Nicole sigh.

Classes let out for the day and when the group got together they all admitted they had nothing to do "Hmm…How about the Armor Arcade guys?" Nicole suggested "Better than nothing." Max replied and the others nodded. It did not take long to get there. Nicole sighed "It's been a long time since I've been here." She said giving a small smile

"Well…want to find someone to duel? Or maybe a tag armor duel?" Volt suggested hiding a blush, but before Nicole could respond a kid with messy red and orange hair came by and purposely ran into Nicole and tried to take her deck holder, but she kept her hands on it keeping the kid from getting it.

"HEY! What was THAT about?!" she shouted at the kid "Sorry, but I need that deck of yours Nicolette. I have to pay the collector." The boy said "Who are you?" Nano demanded "And why do you want Nicole's deck?!" Volt continued with narrowed eyes.

The boy began laughing "I am sorry, but I will get that deck one way or another." He said taking out a standard grey colored Delta Deck Holder "Why is there always someone after my deck?" Nicole said taking out her Red and Black highlighted deck holder.

"Nicole…please step back." Max said stepping up with a deep grey and silver deck holder. Titan saw this and went up to him "Max…are you seriously going to?" Titan asked in a whisper "Don't worry. I will be using my secondary deck." Max replied taking a set of cards out of a second deck case.

"So are you gonna take her place?" the kid asked "Yes. It won't take more than 7 turns for me to prove a point." Max said activating his deck holder and the other boy activated his deck holder "DUEL!" both shouted drawing their cards and their HB appeared

"I'll go first. Draw." Max said drawing his seventh card. In hand he had Majestic Rose, Synergy Armor, Grand Rebirth, Naga Dracore, Energy of the Great Beyond, Throwback, Dracore Energy-Void. Max looked at the cards ("It might have been a while since I used this secondary deck, but I should be able to beat him.") he thought.

"I activate the spell card Throwback." Max said showing a spell that had two different images of Element Dragonic "This card makes me discard a card from my hand, and one from my deck. It has to be the exact same card to." Max explained

Max discarded Naga Dracore from his hand and one from his deck "Huh? What is Max doing?" Nicole asked eyeing a smirking Titan "Don't worry Nicole. Max has it in the bag…almost." Titan said making Nicole sweatdrop at the last part "I…am…doomed." Nicole said looking down at the deck she just got "And I was just starting to like this deck too." She continued.

Back in the duel "Now I summon out Majestic Rose." Max declared and a LV2 woman in lightweight silver and sapphire robes with cherry red hair holding a rapier appeared in front of him. She has 1600ATK 1900DEF "Nice monster, but a woman in robes is not gonna scare me of." The boy replied

"It will later. I set a card and end my turn." Max said calmly as a card digitized in front of him "Draw." The boy said drawing a card. In hand he had Neo Final Dracore, Neo Bolt Fairy, Rise of the Neo's, Neo Barrier, Neo Geo Armor, Neo Reflection, Reflection Soul.

"I will start by summoning Neo Bolt Fairy." The boy said as a LV1 large silver fairy with vermilion lightning for wings appeared on the field with 1500ATK 1000DEF "Then I will set 2 cards and end my turn." He said "Whoa wait. Neo Volt Fairy?" Volt said looking at the larger version of his Bolt Fairy.

"Make yours look pathetic Volt." Nicole said causing a vein to pop on Volt "I draw." Max said drawing a card. It was copy summon ("Okay. This is going just how I want it to.") Max thought smiling "I activate my face-down Counter Card Energy from the Great Beyond. This makes me discard a card from my deck as long it is a monster that I already have in the discard pile." Max explained as he discarded his final copy of Naga Dracore.

"Why is he focusing on discarding the same card?" Nano asked then noticed Majestic Rose glowing "Since I control 3 monsters with the same name in the discard pile Majestic Rose can activate one of her effects. She has 3 different effects, and each one can be activated during a step." Max explained

"So for the first effect I discard a spell card during the Main Step and she gains 500ATK." Max said discarding Grand Rebirth and Majestic Rose attack rose to 2100 "Yes. Now if he had only summoned another monster then he would deal some big damage." Nicole exclaimed

"Majestic Rose attacks your Neo Bolt Fairy." Max declared and Rose charged forward with her sword and Neo Bolt curled up ready for impact "Activate Counter Card Neo Barrier. I discard a 'Neo' monster from my hand to stop the destruction of a 'Neo' monster." The boy explained discarding Neo Geo Armor.

A white barrier covered Neo Bolt Fairy and the sword slash just bounced off it. Neo Bolt Fairy got up and stuck her tongue out at Majestic Rose as the boy HB lowered to 54 "Well I activate Majestic Rose's battle step ability. I remove a spell card in my discard pile to deal you 4HB damage." Max said removing Throwback.

Rose threw he sword like a boomerang and it hit the boy lowering his HB to 50 "I end my turn. When I do Rose's end step ability activates. I discard a monster from my deck to the discard pile. If it does not have the same name as a monster in my discard pile I take 6HB damage." Max said discarding Dragon Breeder which is a green haired girl in a black vest and brown short wielding a whip and a small spear , and his HB lowered to 54.

"Draw." The boy said drawing Neo Avenger "I summon to the field Neo Final Dracore." The boy declared as a black and silver dragon holding a silver axe appeared. It is LV2 with 1900ATK 1400DEF "Neo Final Dracore's effect. When my opponent has 3-4 card it gains 400ATK during the Battle Step." He explained as Neo Final Dracore rose to 2300ATK

"Now I activate the spell card Neo Reflection. This allows me to summon a copy of a 'Neo' monster from my deck." He explained revealing a card that showed a girl in silver and pink wearing a silver mask with electricity sparking between her blond down spiked hair looking at a mirror at her reflection.

Another Neo Final Dracore appeared and due to its effect it's attack rose to 2300 "Uh-oh." Nicole said "My Neo Final Dracore attacks your Majestic Rose." The boy declared and the dragon flew over and through Majestic Rose bringing down the axe.

Max's HB lowered to 53 "Activate Majestic Rose final effect. I can send to the discard pile all copies of current monsters in the discard pile." Max explained as he sent two Majestic Rose and two Dragon Breeder to the discard pile "My other Neo Final Dracore and Neo Bolt Fairy will attack you directly." The boy declared

Both Vermilion lightning and an axe hit Max reducing him to 15HB "MAX!" they shouted and he got up "That ends my turn." The boy said and Max drew. It was a Counter Card called Null and Void "I summon Synergy Armor on the defense and set a card to end my turn." Max said calmly as a LV1 light blue and green armor with several tubes of different colored liquid with 0ATK 0DEF and a card digitized in front of him.

"Looks like this is the last turn Max. I draw." They boy said drawing Neo Vortex Girl "I summon to the field Neo Vortex Girl." He declared as a LV2 girl in silver and pink wearing a silver mask with electricity sparking between her blond down spiked hair with 1300ATK 900DEF sparked into existence "I activate her effect. When I control 4 'Neo' monsters including her I can summon a 'Neo' monster from the top 5 cards of my deck." He explained looking at the top 5 cards of his deck.

There was a 'Neo' monster among them and he summoned it. It was a bird with flame like wings and talons. It had red feathers that where simmering. It is LV1 with 1000ATK 900DEF

"Just great. That guy has 5 monsters out and Max only has a armor protecting his HB. I. Am. Doomed." Nicole declared "Neo Blazing Hawk attacks your Armor." The flaming bird light it's wings on fire and dashed right through the armor making it shatter "I activate my armors effect. When it is destroyed by battle I can send to the discard pile all copies of Synergy Armor to the discard pile." Max exclaimed send two more Synergy Armor to the discard pile.

"Now my Neo Final Dracore will attack you directly to end the game!" the boy declared with a wicked smile "Not yet. I activate the spell card Null and Void. When I have 4 monster with 3 copies in the discard pile I can negate your attack and end your turn. Plus I draw an extra card during my draw step." Max said flipping up a counter card that showed 3 different colored Majestic Rose's projecting a barrier. Which the same barrier protected Max from the direct attack.

"I have gone easy for long enough. My turn and I double draw." Max said drawing Final Judgment, and Triple Send. When these card where drawn Neo Final Dracore's ATK lowered back to 1900 "First I activate the spell card Triple Send. This makes me send 3 copies of a monster to the discard pile." Max explained sending three Wyvern Breeder which is a yellowed haired purple eyed girl wearing a black bomber jacket and a grey skirt holding a harpoon gun.

"I don't get it. How does sending copies of monsters to the discard pile help?" Nicole asked Titan "Because. Now the effect of one of the sent sets will activate." Titan replied keeping his eyes on the duel that is going on.

"When I control 4 other sets of 3 monster Naga Dracore's effect activates. If it is in the discard pile with 4 other sets of 3 monsters I can summon all copies of Naga Dracore from the discard pile. It can't attack, and it is returned to the discard pile during the end step." Max explained as 3 LV5 Wyvern's that are Silver, Black, and Grey with 2800ATK 2400DEF appeared with a roar circling Max.

"Wow. Now those are some cool monsters." Volt said slack jawed "Yeah, but was the point in summoning them if they can't attack, and they return to the discard pile during the end step?" Nicole exclaimed looking at the field

"Don't worry Nicole. The time for this guys Judgment has come." Titan said knowing exactly how Max is. He would never summon those unless he had drawn Final Judgment "Game's up kid. I activate the spell card Final Judgment." Max declared showing a card that had a picture of the three dragons attacking in a triangle formation.

"W-What does that do?" the boy asked "Simple. I can only activate this when I control one or more Naga Dracore. You take 5HB damage per copies of 3 monsters or armors in my discard pile per Naga Dracore I control." Max explained smiling slyly

"Wait…he controls 3 Naga Dracore. This is 4 different sets of 3 monsters in the discard pile." Volt said calculating with his fingers and Nano sighed "That's 20HB damage per Wyvern for a total of 60HB damage." Nano said and Volt rubbed his head "I…knew that. I was only wanting to see if you knew." He said laughing afterwards.

"Yeah right." Nicole said rolling her eyes "N-No. I need that deck. I can't lose!" the boy exclaimed. All three Wyverns got in a triangle like formation and a round circle of energy formed around the 3 "Go. Judgment Wave!" Max declared and the Wyverns launched a beam of Silver and Gold energy at the boy reducing his HB to 0 and throwing him back. ("Max…did this for me? Well umm…how should I thank him?") Nikki thought a slight blush visible on her cheeks. She went up to Max

"Wow. W-What a battle Max." Nicole said hiding a blush "It was nothing. I just could not let something like that happen." Max said and the boy got up. Max turned to him "I suggest you stay back. I won our duel so leave her be." Max snarled and he just smirked and ran out of the arcade.

"M-Max. T-T-Thanks a lot." Nicole stuttered still hiding a blush, but Nano saw it "Umm…Do you have a fever Nicole?" she asked "S-Shut up Nano!" Nicole yelled blushing more out of embarrassment "I'm heading home guys." Nicole said quickly running out and towards home.

"Umm…Is she okay?" Max asked and Nano sighed "You boys can really be ignorant sometimes." Nano said leaving the arcade as well as Max, Titan, and Volt alone "Was it something I said?" Max asked and Titan shrugged "Usually it's me…Well anyway I have to head home. Hope Nicole gets over that fever." Volt said leaving the arcade with a wave.

It did not take her more than 10 minutes to get home and she ran in and up to her room "Stupid Nano, but…I really have to thank Max in another way later." She said to herself and looking at her deck. She then let out a huge yawn "Man talk about a long day. I should get some rest." She said to herself taking off her armor duel gear and getting changed into her night clothes. She almost immediately fell asleep.

As she sleep she had a weird dream. It was another one of her dueling, and this one was against Kaine again, but she was inside some sort of warehouse. She did not see what she had out, but recognized Ultima Phi Dragon on the field

That was all she saw before the dream faded and she was brought into another. It was the one from several months ago, but this time it was clearer…well she could tell what her opponent had out on the field.

On her opponents field was Epona The Wild, and equipped was some sort of armor similar to Nemesis Valykrie Armor. The same thing happened again, but she saw more clearly the monster she was summoning.

It was a black and red bird with intense green eyes. The light surrounding it's summoning was gold giving it the golden look she thought she saw last time. That was where the dream ended and she woke up. It was still night time

"What do these dreams mean? Man I have to eat dinner before I go to bed more often." Nicole said and looked at her clock. It was 2:00 PM.

"*Yawn* Guess I'll try to get some more sleep." She yawned and laid back down to sleep. It was only a couple minutes before she was asleep, but beneath her sleeping eyes one of them became a bright sky green and the other a deep crimson red dragon slit pupil with a yellow outline around the pupil. It then vanished.

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Nicole: You have really done it this time Volt.

Nano: Yeah. Blitz is gonna make you pay for that joke.

Volt: Why does all the bad stuff always happen to me?

D9: Next time on Card Master Delta: Rebooted/Blitz Pyre. The Undying Flame

Blitz: Prepare to crash and burn Volt. I am paying you back tenfold.

Nicole: This is gonna be ugly.

Card Master DELTA: Rebooted ENDING (Life V2)

Life's a game we're always playing

The game of life is tough

You never know what will turn up (it's always mixing up)

Cause the game is always changing up (don't give up)

You'll always be remembered

For what you do

What you say, if your true

That's what makes life worth living everyday

And I wouldn't have it any other way

Because I know it doesn't always go my way

As the days get shorter bit by bit

The nights get longer step by step

You hold you memories tighter

Cause that's the way you play

With your heart and soul

To play you give it your all

Changing with the mix

The game is always changing up

You'll always be remembered

For what you do

What you say, if your true

That's what makes life worth living everyday

And I wouldn't have it any other way

Because I know it doesn't always go my way

The game of life is tough

Cause you never know what will turn up

It's the next draw that keeps you going

So take a chance at life






Chapter Star Card

Final Judgment (Normal Spell)

Effect: You can only activate the card if you control one or more 'Naga Dracore' monsters. Deal 5 damage to your opponent per set of 3 monsters you have in your discard pile. Apply this effect for every 'Naga Dracore' you control.