retrograde orbit

i pulled the crescent moon down,
from midnight starless skies,
and turned it into your
incandescent smile.
your eyes sparkle with
constellations ;
a gift from heaven
for your beautiful soul,
and plunging us into darkness,
to gaze at your mesmerizing light.
and is it any wonder that
i would fall for your glamour,
and fight my way to redemption,
for a single taste of heaven.

i stand in wait from a distance,
for the moment you explode,
raining like meteor showers,
in a serenade of colors
and i'll wait for you,
with the reflection,
of your stars in my eyes,
to burst through the horizon,
and fly me to the moon.

i've always loved the stars and skies,
so is it any wonder that
i would love you too.

(but retrograde orbits never travel
in the same direction as the planet)

prompt: love poem for a specific person. max 30 lines