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In the land of Zhong Guo Xing, animal species that were part of the Chinese Zodiac were generally favored by society. The animals in the Chinese Zodiac are the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig.

Ming the Cat, Li the Pig, and Hong the Dragon all attended the Shengxiao Kung Fu School in this land. Hong insulted Ming almost every day of school. Even on the first day of school, Hong said to Ming, "You're a terrible Kung Fu fighter. I'll always be able to defeat you." Ming said, "We'll see about that." Hong did, in fact, defeat Ming the next day and said "See, I told you so. You're a horrible fighter." Ming responded, "It was only one fight. Perhaps you won't defeat me next time."

However, Hong always defeated Ming when the students were practicing and also defeated Ming every time the students had to fight in class. Ming said to Hong, "Why do you hate me so much?" Hong said,"It's because there is no cat in the Chinese Zodiac!" This shocked and saddened Ming.

Hong began to also try to get other students to insult Ming. All of the other students' species were represented in the Chinese Zodiac, so most of them agreed with Hong and also insulted Ming.

Li, who had always noticed Hong insulting Ming, but was too shy to help Ming, finally gathered enough courage to stand up for Ming. Li said, "Stop insulting Ming! He never did anything wrong to you! Just because cats aren't in the Chinese Zodiac doesn't mean you should insult him!" Hong laughed, saying "That's too bad! I'll never stop insulting Ming. Our society favors species represented in the Chinese Zodiac and Ming needs to learn this. It's true that he's a terrible Kung Fu fighter anyway!"

Hong left and Ming said to Li, "Thank you for standing up for me!" "You're welcome," said Li. "I couldn't just stand there watching you being insulted." Hong continued to insult Ming almost every day and kept getting other students to as well. Li kept standing up for Ming whenever he could.

After a few years, it was time for graduation. Hong and Li graduated with black belts, but Ming had a lower ranked belt. Hong insulted Ming, saying "I have the highest ranked belt and you don't! See, I'm a much better fighter than you. It's probably because a dragon is in the Chinese Zodiac and a cat isn't."

Ming said, "If I work hard enough, I'll be able to have a great profession anyway." Li stood up for Ming again, saying to Hong "I bet Ming will be able to find a great profession and you'll be surprised! You'll wish that you never insulted Ming!" Hong laughed, saying "I highly doubt it. No one will hire him because a cat isn't in the Chinese Zodiac!"

Li and Hong went on to become Kung Fu masters, while Ming couldn't find anyone that would accept him for a profession. He begged for a profession, but everyone turned him down still.

Not many people blatantly said it, but they all didn't hire Ming because a cat wasn't in the Chinese Zodiac. Whenever Hong saw Ming in the marketplace, he insulted Ming.

Hong said, "See, I knew that no one would accept you! People want to hire animals who are represented in the Chinese Zodiac." Ming responded, "I'll eventually find someone that will accept me. You'll have to eat your words!"

People continued to not accept Ming, and Ming had nowhere to live and it was hard for him to buy food. Li saw Ming in the marketplace and asked "Have you found a profession yet?" Ming said, "No, because no one will accept animals not represented in the Chinese Zodiac."

Li said, "That's terrible! Here, you can have some money. It should last you quite awhile. I hope that someone accepts you soon. Good luck!" Ming said, "Thank you, but are you sure you want to give this to me?" Li responded, "Yes, don't worry about me. I have plenty of money still." Li then handed a good amount of money to Ming, said farewell, and left.

The emperor Mao the Monkey was not a very good emperor. He claimed to care about his people, but he really didn't. He also never walked around his kingdom to meet his people at all.

He had always advocated only accepting animal species who were represented in the Chinese Zodiac and he even discriminated against species who weren't. He was now dying from a disease. He made an announcement to the citizens of Zhong Guo Xing, basically saying that even though he would die soon, they should make sure to remember the importance of the Chinese Zodiac.

A few days later, he died. He had no heir, so his cousin, Zheng the Monkey, became the new emperor. Zheng was much kinder than Mao. He really cared about his people and walked around his kingdom to meet them. He didn't care for the Chinese Zodiac that much and didn't discriminate against any animals. However, many citizens still cared about it.

One day, Zheng saw Ming while on one of his walks. He saw that Ming had no profession and was just roaming the streets. He asked Ming, "Why do you have no profession?" Ming answered, " It's because a cat is not in the Chinese Zodiac."

Zheng said "This discrimination is preposterous! I shall bring you to my palace and your profession can be to work in it. I shall give you fine food and you can live in a room of my palace."

Zheng brought Ming to his palace and said to his chefs, "Prepare a great feast! We have a new worker joining us." They followed his order and then Zheng, all of his workers and chefs, and Ming enjoyed this feast together.

Zheng then ordered one of his workers to show Ming the room he could stay in. Zheng was very kind to all of his workers and paid them well. They all lived in the palace and enjoyed fine food every day.

Ming worked very hard, even harder than all of the other workers. He became Zheng's favorite worker. Zheng talked to Ming almost every day. During meals, Zheng always allowed Ming to sit next to him. Ming eventually became one of Zheng's most trusted advisors.

One day, Zheng asked Ming about his past life before working at the palace. Ming explained everything, including how Hong insulted him and Li helped him. When he finished, Zheng said "It's very interesting that you attended a Kung Fu school. When I was young, I also attended a Kung Fu school. This Li sounds like a very kind pig. However, it's terrible that this dragon, Hong, insulted you like that. Well, you're working for me now, so you don't have to worry about prejudice animals such as Hong anymore."

During the next year, a terrible famine occurred in Zhong Guo Xing. Many people came to the palace, asking for food. Zheng's advisors, including Ming, helped him give out the food. Zheng also asked whoever came to him what their name was.

One day, Hong came to ask for food. Zheng asked, "What's your name?" Hong replied, "Hong the Dragon, Your Majesty." Zheng exclaimed, "Hong the Dragon?! Ming, one of my advisors, has told me about you! You insulted him because a cat isn't in the Chinese Zodiac!"

Hong, who just noticed Ming now, said "How did Ming become one of your advisors?! He's just a stupid cat who can't fight. Only those represented in the Chinese Zodiac should be worthy to work for a great emperor such as yourself, Your Majesty."

Zheng replied, "How dare you? You have the audacity to say such a thing? Get out of my sight, or else I'll throw you in the dungeon!" Hong, not wanting to live in the dungeon, reluctantly left without food.

Later that day, Li came to the palace. After Li said his name, Zheng replied "Ming, one of my advisors, has told me about you! He told me how much you helped him. You're such a wonderful pig. Take some extra food with you!"

Li replied, "You're so kind, Your Majesty, but I don't need extra food. The normal amount is good enough." Zheng said, "I insist. Take the extra food. You're a wonderful pig, so you deserve it." Li said, "Thank you so much, Your Majesty!"

He then turned to Ming and said, "Thank you for telling the emperor about me. Congratulations on getting to work for him! You have a much better profession than me now." Ming replied, "You're welcome. You helped me so many times, so I needed to return the favor anyway."

As Li turned to leave, Zheng stopped him and said "Wait! Bring your family to live here! You can teach Kung Fu classes in my palace. You could even teach it to my guards!" Li replied, "You're too kind, Your Majesty! Are you sure you want to let me?" Zheng answered, "Yes, I'm quite sure."

The next day, Li brought his wife and children to the palace. He taught Kung Fu classes in the palace, as Zheng promised he could. Li, his family, and Ming lived happily in Zheng's palace.

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