The Locket


Ima Jean Reily

Ambrea stared down at the her new gold locket, with the diamond in the center, that her friend Keshia had given her.

Fingering the engraved golden flowers on the locket, she realized that it needed a picture.

She turned to her mother.

'Mum,' she said ,'It needs a picture.'

Her mother glanced up from the book she was reading.

'Alright,' she said , 'Who's picture would you like in it?'

Ambrea thought back to when her aunt had died; she had promised to keep any items possible that would remind her of her aunt.

'I'd, um,' she stammered, 'I-I'd like a picture of Aunt Lannie.'

Her mother looked surprised at first and then quite pleased. 'Alright,' she said.

So they rummaged through the photos and finally found one. She was smiling and had that special twinkle in her eye. Ambrea knew instantly that was the right one. She nodded to her mother. They cut it out and placed it in the locket.

Later that night as she lay in bed she held her locket tightly in her right hand.

She glanced down at the picture of her Aunt Lannie by the light coming in through the window. Ambrea, although feeling sad, felt as if she had accomplished some incredibly important mission, and, looking down at her aunt's picture, she knew she had.

The End