Chapter1-The Human(s)

"The human. Is she yours?" The female vampire asked, her eyes staring at me widely.

Gabe walked forward, away from the pack and me. "Yes, she is with us."

The vampire snarled, holding her hands out around her to stop the other vampires from trying to attack. "You wouldn't happened to be interested in an... exchange, would you?"

Derek growled in front of me.

"No, we wouldn't be." Gabe was trying to be calm, to stay in his human form, but he was struggling.

The vampire straightened and took a step back. "Well, we shall be on our way now."

Another vampire muttered a complain under his breath before following the head vampire back into the woods.

Derek moved himself closer to me, his fur brushing against my hand.

"Head back inside. Derek and I will make sure they're off our territory." Gabe said. He met eyes with Daniel, the second oldest, and nodded slightly.

Derek brushed himself against my side before taking off after the vampires, running alongside Gabe.

Daniel shook out his fur and phased back to his human form. "Let's go."

A few of the younger wolves ran back towards the large house, almost knocking me off my feet. They still hadn't learned their manners.

"I have a feeling Derek's going to be pissed when he gets back." Daniel mumbled, walking alongside me.

"Mhm. Sounds like something he'd do." I'd been with Derek since day one. Since the day we'd met. He saw my brother and I after the car accident first. He saved us both.

"Maybe Gabe can calm him down."

I laughed. "You really don't know them, do you?"

He rolled his eyes. "It was only a thought."

"A dumb one." I said, running towards the house.

He phased and ran after me, slowing his speed down so he wouldn't outrun me.

"Mya, wake up." Derek said softly, brushing my hair back behind my ear.

I curled closer to him. "I'm awake."

"No, you're not." He said, laughing.

"I'm tired, let me sleep." I mumbled.

He slid his arms under me and lifted me off the couch. "Let's go sleep in your room, okay, Mya?"

I nodded, hiding my face in his chest.

"Gabe's making dinner if you want any." He said, laying me down on my bed. He grabbed one of the quilts from the bottom and pulled it over me.

"I'm not... hungry." I said, yawning.

He laughed and sat down beside me. "Are you sure you don't want anything?"

I nodded. "I'm too tired. It's been a long day."

I could feel him watching me as he stroked my hair. "You know we'd never let anything happen to you, Mya."

Now I was awake. I sat up a little and looked at him. "I know."

He pulled my face up and kissed me softly, being careful with me like he always was.

"You're awake now, huh?" He asked, a smug smile on his face.

I rolled my eyes, hitting him with the back of my hand. "Shut up."

"How about that food? I'm starved." He said, pulling me against his back. He got to his feet, holding my legs close, and walked out of the bedroom. The house was big enough for all the boys and me, too. I had my own room while the boys had to share between the eight of them. There were four bedrooms counting mine.

I laughed. "You're always hungry."

"Here's comes the gross couple." One of the younger boys, Jason, said, laughing loudly.

"Shut up." Gabe said.

"What?" He asked. No one answered him.

We walked into the room then and Derek set me to my feet gently.

"Hungry?" Gabe asked, the smell of bacon heavy in the air.

"Not as much as Derek." I mumbled, sliding my hand into Derek's.

Gabe laughed.

Derek slid into one of the chairs, pulling me onto his lap since there were no other chairs in the room.

I rested my head against his shoulder. "Where's Daniel?"

Tom smirked and took a huge bite of his eggs. "Flirting with some girl."

"Can't he just learn that no girl in the woods would want to date him?" Derek asked.

I looked back at him. "It took a full six months before we got together."

He rolled his eyes. "That's because your brother wouldn't let us."

"Her brother had a good reason." Gabe said, glaring at Derek.

"It still took you far too long to make up your mind."

"She was twelve, Derek. Would you let your sister go out with someone five years older than her?" Gabe asked, looking back at us. Derek was frozen at seventeen though I still aged. There was a chance he could age again but he was too busy having werewolf fun to give it up and age. Now, four years later, I was sixteen, an age that was allowed in relationships with someone who was seventeen.

"If someone imprinted on her? Yeah, I would."

"He said yes. That's all that matters to me." I whispered, kissing Derek.

A few boys made gagging noises while Tom, always the annoying one of the group, spoke up.

"Why do you two always have to do that in front of everyone?"

"Shut up." Gabe said softly though the alpha tone was clear in his voice.

Daniel came walking in then, leading a girl into the room. She looked confident, proud to be who she was. I wasn't like that at all the first time I met the boys. I was terrified, afraid the boys would hurt me. It took a long time to adjust to all of them.

The girl had long, brown hair that ran down her back. She had a low, v-neck shirt on and shorts that practically showed her butt. She had heels on, too. Who was she showing off for anyway?

"Who's that?" I asked Derek. I hated to admit it but I was jealous. She was so... sure of herself when some days I was afraid the pack wouldn't like me like they had the day before.

"I think he-" He said, watching the two of them like the rest of us in the room were.

"Meet our newest member." Daniel said, interrupting Derek. He looked like he had been drinking. Why did he look like that?

Gabe's eyes widened and he dropped the spatula on the stove. "Daniel, do you mean-"

"I finally imprinted. I guess we're even now." He said, looking at Derek with a grin on his face.

Derek rolled his eyes, tensing up a little. "We were never-"

"You're making breakfast?" He asked, rubbing his stomach. "Bring it on."

I got to my feet and took Derek's hand. "Let's get out of here."

"Too much hotness to handle?" Daniel asked, laughing.

"Yeah, that's it." I mumbled, bumping into him as we walked out.

"Wanna go somewhere?" Derek asked in my ear, wrapping his arm around my waist.

"But Jack-" Has the car.

He interrupted me. "Travel doesn't always mean by a vehicle."

I laughed. "Okay."

He pulled his shirt off over his head, making my heart beat faster, and handed it to me. "Thank you." Then his jeans. "And thank you again."

I laughed again, watching him phase into a wolf. I slid onto his back, grabbing a hold of his fur in my fists.

He took off running, heading down the driveway towards the highway. Living out in the woods had its perks sometimes. It was nice, quiet. Enjoyable.

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