It was a sunny day and Clara was outside, wondering what to do.
Dot's friend had gone out shopping and Dot went with him too.
Clara had played football that morning but she didn't want to do it again.
She didn't feel like playing with her bunny or her hen.
Maybe, she thought, I should go to the shop and meet Dot.
I'll get a cake, a burger and a pizza! Hmm... but that would be a lot.
So Clara left for the shop. I think I'll get a cake.
She went past the post office, the school and the lake.
Clara arrived at the shop, and there she saw Dot.
He had eggs, bread and butter, but there was something he hadn't got.
Clara said to Dot, "Let's get a cake for us to share!"
"OK, let's go to the cake shop," said Dot, and so they went there.
Clara found a tasty cake, the one she had to buy.
Blue icing, jam and sprinkles, yum! Clara wanted to try.
"I want to eat it all!" said Clara as Dot bought the cake.
"But Clara," Dot laughed, "that would give you belly ache."
After they had eaten dinner Dot went to get a knife.
"I've never seen," said Clara, "such a pretty cake in all my life!"
Dot cut the cake into eight thick slices.
Clara chose hers carefully; she wanted the nicest.
The two friends munched on their cake and it tasted very nice.
Clara's bunny and hen wanted some too, and so did Dot's mice!
I want some more, thought Clara afterwards. It tasted so yummy!
I really wish I had some more cake in my tummy.
Will Dot notice? No, I'll just say it was his mouse.
But if he gets really angry, he might boot it out the house! So...
Clara went cake crazy! She started eating it all!
Dot tried to stop her but she pushed him away with her paw!
That's the end, the story is finished. I hope you had fun!
Even though it is a shame, the story is done!