Ripples in the Sand

Feeling through the wind the hand of green,

Lost into the skies is the silver sheen.

Everything built is only built to fall,

All man-made is unimportant and small.

But then what can be said for a few thousand years?

Just a blink of the eye and a simple plain fear.

But a fear that we're nothing, and can't leave a mark,

And that all we'll ever do is slip back to the dark.

Yet we never completely scar the land,

It all gets cleared by Nature's great hand.

Yet we can never completely scar the land,

We merely are ripples in a great ocean's sand.

We try to mark the lands and go,

But traces of us are cleared by the water's flow.

The flame of our hearts like a coal burning ember,

Yet frozen and stopped like the heart of December.

Just a ripple left by waves that once surged up high,

And then stolen away like lost souls floating by.

But we can never completely scar the land,

Ourselves and our pride are just ripples in the sand.