The Vampire Autistic

Written by: OffTopic84

Chapter 2: Four Years Later

The foster home where baby Jane Doe was placed was with a cold-hearted woman named Mrs. Tolliver. She was a gigantic woman with bony arms, flabby legs and thin, muddy hair. She disliked children and treated them like animals. The only reason she was in foster care was because she used the checks to fund her potato chip addiction. The children she did raise rarely had anything to do, besides watch television and read what dew books she had lying around the battered ranch house. Baby Jane Doe had been given the name Lilly Rose Wafer by the state and was the resident problem child.

For starters, Lilly began walking at 7 months and talking in full sentences by the time she was a year and a half. She could read well above her age level by her third birthday and at age four she had a good grasp of basic mathematic skills and related concepts. Mrs. Tolliver would yell and abandon the child on the other side of town, but Lilly somehow always found her way back. Also, Lilly seemed to know when things were about to happen before they did. The other kids thought Lilly was somehow involved.

Around her third birthday, Lilly began to fly off the handle when her daily plan changed suddenly, eye contact became non existent and she began spending more time by herself and talking to people weren't there. Tantrums erupted when somebody said something, but Lilly thought they meant something else, and said as much with mush insistence. Mrs. Tolliver would grin psychotically as she force fed Lilly and the others boiled rice, white bread and multivitamins. The onset of autistic symptoms had begun, so long as she followed her orders.

When the daycare teachers noticed the sudden change in behavior, they called in Mrs. Tolliver to schedule testing. The harridan was dismayed by their insistence, "So, the brat is acting up again. Just lock her in the closet, that'll work." She laughed as though it was some enormous joke she felt was funny. When Child Services heard about this, they had Mrs. Tolliver arrested for child abuse, but she made bail and was put under house arrest until her trial started.

Not wanting to be burdened anymore, she ordered every last child into the van she used to haul them around, dropped them off at a playground in an upscale neighborhood before zooming off. Arriving at her home, she turned on the TV and watched soap opera while tinkering with her ankle monitor.

Meanwhile, all the kids decided to go play on the playground, except Lilly. She had sensed that they would all be thrown away, and why not? Mrs. Tolliver didn't want them around; she treated them all like trash anyway. Sighing, she wandered over to a fort when a boy asked her, "Hey Lilly. When'll Ma Tollaver get back?" Lilly shrugged and replied she didn't know and didn't care. She was going to find a new home, with people who would be her new family, a real family.

While the other children were playing tag, Lilly walked back to the street corner and squatted. On the lower part of the curb was a small wad of twenty dollar bills. Scooping them up, Lilly plopped down on a wooden bench while she counted her money. The total turned out to be $140, a good haul. Of course, she had no idea who to speak to, much less figure out what to do next?

Walking down a sidewalk that cut across the campus of a Catholic primary school, she hummed a few songs. She soon found herself at a large bus depot in front of a shopping center. Placing the money in her jeans pockets, she was consulting a map when a female voice asked her, "What are you doing out here all by yourself?" Turning around, Lilly came face to face with a tall person nearly six feet tall, clad in all black clothing and a ripped coat. The person had a partially shaved head. It was very hard to tell if this was a man or woman. Squinting, Lilly could grasp some sense of the stranger's concern.

Letting down her guard, she replied flatly, "If you must know, I am running away from Louisiana because my foster mother threw us all away and I am going to find myself a new family." Her hazel eyes locked with the person's and he/she laughed. Wiping away tears, the person nodded and decided to buy the child lunch. Wary, Lilly insisted they eat at an outdoor bistro.

Lunch for Lilly was a BLT on pumpernickel, chocolate milk and mixed fresh fruit. When it arrived, she eyed it suspiciously-what was this stuff? She was hungry, so Lilly chowed down and as she ate she felt her mind unclog and feel lighter. She thought she could hear people's voices even when they weren't speaking, but their voices were softer. Her host nodded, "Feel better now? White food was creating problems for you. Beings like you must never have any white food."

"Being like me? Don't you mean people with High-Functioning Autism?"

"In a way, I suppose so. Can I ask you who gave you white food?"

"Why do you want to know about Mrs. Tolliver? She's awful, I'd get locked in closets and outside for nights when I didn't look at grown ups in the eye or when something happened and nobody listened to me when I said it would. She called me a Lillith-whore, whatever that means."

By now, the two of them were walking along a shaded sidewalk and even though the sky was overcast, the mysterious host was wearing sunglasses. Finally, the person kneeled so Lilly could see him better. Pulling a brochure from a pocket in the jacket, it was explained that it was a train ticket to Oklahoma City. There was also a concert ticket, and she would find her family there. Hailing a cab, the person paid the fare, but before Lilly could say thank you, her mysterious benefactor had vanished.

Meanwhile, back at Tolliver's house, the obese matriarch had fallen asleep in the middle of reruns when she sat up in a panic! How long had she been asleep? Gazing over at the musical wall clock, the time read 4:57. Not bad, just enough time to raid the fridge before watching the evening news. Beaming, she scooped large chunks of ice cream with her hands before slurping it all down. Taking the container with her, Tolliver stuck her whole face inside, sucking away at the bits of nuts and fudge interspersed with the ice cream. A loud hiss made her jump, dropping the carton onto the plastic tile floor and zapping the power as well.

"Ah, hell no! Not now," she whined loudly before dropping to her hands and knees. There was ice cream everywhere and no time to be lost. She began dragging her tongue to lap up the sugary treat before it melted away. When licking the floor became tiring, she resorted to using her whole mouth to suck up the mess, making disturbing noises and grunts. Slurping on the edge of a dirty rug in the middle of the den, Tolliver was oblivious to the foggy shadow looming behind her.

Reaching a large nut under the rug holder, Tolliver rolled over when she saw a pale person wearing a back tee-shirt, black bell bottoms and boots covered in steel spikes. The intruder's hair seemed to be dyed black beyond reason into a mohawk, the rest of the head was shaved. Obsessed with finishing of the ice cream, she barked, "Hey you, you brat! Are you a guy or a girl?" Instead of a response, the intruder giggled and flashed unusually bright teeth, fangs bared.

She grunted, "So your one of those fag vamps? What do you want? Ain't got no blood here, now scram!" The vampire did not move, instead its unreadable eyes narrowed and a voice soft as wool let out a growl.

"What did you call me? Where are your charges?"

Laughing at him, "I called you a fag vamp, you retard! I got rid of them, nasty brats all of them. I had one who was part vampire, abandoned though. She ain't much of a threat, being autistic and all. Ha ha!"

Striding over to her, the vampire gave Tolliver a swift kick to her stomach. Immediately, her stomach contents drained onto the carpet including the ice scream. Yelling, she began to pick out bits of food and began eating them again, when she received numerous more blows to her bloated backside, eating more or her vomit-covered food. The vampire reached down and hoisted Tolliver up by her underwear and threw her clean through the wall when she landed inside a closet.

"Is that how you treat your cash cows, like worthless piles of shit? Are they all the same to you, even if they have a disability? Do you only value your life because all you care about is yourself? Disgusting, you are disgusting. How can you live with yourself playing God while the children starve? How would you even notice if a child is half-vampire? Do they drink blood?"

By now, Tolliver was covered in scratches and dried vomit. Still defiant, she replied that all vampires were blood-drinking demons. She said that it didn't matter anyway; all that mattered was getting what she wanted at everyone else's expense. Besides, in her mind, any disability was the same as being a vampire, worthless parasites needing extermination.

Cackling, Tolliver replied, "Of course, you ain't a real vampire. Vampires are just made up." Her head began to swim, and as her enormous girth collapsed onto the wooden bed frame it collapsed and the youth stood over her, mouth wide and fangs dripping. Smiling, the vampire whispered, "No really, you still think we are all myths?" He ran his fangs over her forehead and Tolliver denied the existence yet again.

The vampire shook its head, "I really pity you, Tolliver. You are a pathetic woman who cares only for herself, yet you allow biases and religious rhetoric to rule your soul. No matter, you won't live long enough to learn any differently."

"Why-" Tolliver began to ask as she felt two blades explode inside her forehead and drag slowly back towards her neck. Wails of pain erupted from her swollen throat and frigid air rattled around her brain. As pinpricks of nothing gnawed at her eyes, Tolliver felt something detach from the base of her head and shatter on the floor. Now, something boiling was running down behind her ears. She realized that it was blood, her own blood she was feeling and the dropping sensation… that had been part of her skull!

Her lungs burned and her heart sputtered as she protested. Growling in disgust, the vampire grabbed her right arm and spilt it open with his fingernails, splattering blood and fat onto the television screen. Turning to the left arm, the vampire ripped it from the socket and bit in to it like it was a hot wing. Making a face, the vampire climbed up onto the bed, raised the dismembered arm and thrust it into the hideous folds of her colossal stomach. Upon impact, Tolliver's corpulent corpse exploded into a bloody jigsaw puzzle. Organs, fat, feces and other matter were scattered in such a way it was reminiscent of a three-dimensional Jackson Pollock painting.

Satisfied with the handiwork, the vampire materialized through an open window and walked down the alley. The half-child had suffered enough, hopefully now she could live without being hunted down. There would be those who knew who she was, how she differed from vampire society, how she might be a threat. The time for that was later, but she was safe.

As he heard the sirens wail nearby, he whistled a tune and melted into the shadows.