I crouched behind a thorn bush, shaking uncontrollably. Biting down on the inside of my cheek, I shrank farther back into the shadows, forcing myself not to scream. I couldn't scream, I couldn't make any noise. I had to keep low and quiet, just as my father had ordered me to do. And since it was probably the last thing he would ever tell me, I would obey it to the end.

Or his end, I thought, then immediately pushed it away. I couldn't think about that. Couldn't think about my father, trapped under a burning roof and screaming at me to run and hide. Couldn't think about the screams of my family and friends, being burned to death.

Couldn't think about how it was my fault, somehow my fault that they died...

There was a resounding crash, and I watched as my house finally collapsed. I cringed and shrank back farther into the woods. I couldn't stay low and quiet. I had to move, to get away from here.

"I'm sorry Father," I whispered quietly, tears springing to my eyes as I turned around and started to run.

I tripped over branches and rocks in my haste, but I didn't care. My tears blurred my vision and I realized I was leaving tracks anyone could follow, so I forced myself to slow down. I stumbled sideways and fell under an oak tree, clutching my knees to my chest.

I can't let them find me, I thought, trying to calm my racing heart. If they find me, they won't hesitate to kill me.