More than One Way Too Die

By: C.A. Jones

I learned not to dwell on the past.

I glanced around the bar, keeping eye contact with no one as I found my target. I smiled gravely at the familiar jean jacket and shaggy blonde hair.

If I dwelled on the past, I would probably die from depression.

I walked over to him, trying to be as casual as I could. I tapped his shoulder, giving him a sexy smile when he looked at me. "Wanna dance?"

I've done a lot of bad things, you see.

He smiled, tipping his head as he took my hand, "It'd be my pleasure to dance with you, girly."

My job is more dangerous than anything I've ever done.

I let him drag me onto the dance floor and we danced. It was nice and slow at first, but when the songs progressively got faster – the dancing got faster.

My job requires patience and skill.

His hand slid up my bare back, sending shivers up my spine. I let myself grind against him – tightening my arms around his neck.

It's easier to get to know your subjects before killing them.

"So what's your name?" I asked, even though I knew full well what his name was.

He grinned as his hands grabbed my ass, giving me a tight squeeze before answering, "Braxton."

Sometimes getting to know your target doesn't always make my job easier.

"What's your name, hon?" Braxton asked me, giving me a sleazy smile before leading me out of the bar.

But it's a job that I have to get done.

I smiled back, now in his car as he lay on top of me, about to undo my dress. I grabbed the knife slowly out of my boot, holding it tightly in my hands before stabbing him in the stomach. Braxton gasped in pain as blood oozed from his middle, and I crawled out of his car before he died – smiling coyly before answering his question,


My name is Adeline Reed. And I am an assassin.

AN: There ya have it! I know that it's short – but it's supposed to get you wanting more. I'm working on the first Chapter, so it should be out soon. : ) I hope this got you wanting more!

-Writing In Ink Forever