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He looked down at the pavement; his tiny feet were bounded to the chair along with his frail arms and body. He grunted, struggled his way out of the chains that were set on him. His eyes looked up, seeing his mother sitting in a similar chair much like himself, but she never struggled. Instead, she was sitting still with no signs of even attempting to set herself free. Her eyes were covered by a simple black blindfold; pieces of her velvet hair were covering the stitches on her battered face.

The boy felt tears streaming down his face; he couldn't believe how someone could hurt such a beautiful woman like her. Seeing her face fueled the anger that was boiling up inside of him, making him try harder to escape from his prison.

Suddenly, the door slammed against the wall, a bright light hit the boy's eyes, which made him move his head away. Footsteps echoed on the metal wall, coming closer and closer to the boy. He looked up, the footstep were owned by a man in an open lab coat with a gray emblem attached to the sleeves and dark blue pants.

"Now now little one, you shouldn't move so much, it only makes the pain worsen on yourself." The man whispered coldly, he bent down to the boy's face and lifted his metal hand up towards the boy's head so he can ruff it up. The boy glared and moved his head away from the man.

"You bastard! Let my mom and I go, we never did anything to you!" the boy cried out, the woman moved her head at his voice. She began to struggled as well, blood started to dripped down where her wrists.

The man walked over to the woman, smacking her cheek hard enough to stun her. She screamed in pain, the boy yelled out "Mommy!", moving so fast to the point his wrist were beginning to bleed as well.

"Quiet you little brat!," The man mumbled, he walked over to a control that was in the edge of the area where the boy was trapped on. "The fun has just begun." His hand hovered over the level, fingers dancing as he started to grip onto the level with fierce gripping. The boy's eyes widen, feeling afraid of what was going to happen next, and then the ground began to shake. The man with the lab coat held on tight to his control panel. The platform elevated upward to the opening of the ceiling. The boy's eyes looked up; the rays of the bright sun beamed right him. He turned away, then reopening his eyes again once he realized that the ground has stopped.

A sea of people were crowding the new area with wonder and hate within the rusted arena. The boy watched the man walked towards the center of him and his mother. His arms were raised up above his head.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls! Welcome back to the Fallen Pit! Today we have an wonderful treat for you all." He twirled around, walked over to the mother's chair and pulled her hair tightly, roughly releasing her from the shackles, wrist bleed profusely.

The mother struggled, but not speaking a word, her son watched with fearful eyes.

"Mommy!" He cried out again, his voice breaking into tiny sobs. The mother let her head face her child with her eyes still covered from the blindfold. A weak smile formed on her rosy lips, they opened to speak, however her voice was silent due to the overwhelming cheering of the upcoming event.

The man stepped in the middle between the boy and his mother, his arms waved up and his fingers reaching for the people that were seated before him.

"In today's events of the Fallen Pit, we have a special treat for you all. The execution of this wretched woman," He lowered his arm and pointed to the young woman with a confident smirk on his face. "And the execution of her only son!" He pointed to the boy next, his eyes gleaming with bitterness. The boy's screamed loudly, his wrists bleeding even more when he tried to set himself free.

"Mommy!" the boy cried out even louder, however the sounds of the crazed crowd overpowered him with cheers of violent joy. The boy shook his head in disbelief, tears poured down on his tiny face.

His eyes blurred, but went straight to his silent, yet beautiful mother. The man in the lab coat turned himself to a giant with pictures of different ways of kill. His fingers caress the handle that was placed in front of it.

"Now for the wheel of exchange! We will now see which punishment she'll finally get for rebelling against our beloved way of life! Guards, priests, prepare her now!" he commanded, holding on to the handle.

The crowd continued to cheer, a set of guards covered in silver clothing and a black gloves with the letter "B" imprinted on the center went towards the young woman and released her from the chair before grabbing and dragging her to the center of the wheel. The priests, who were in a complete white tunic circle the ring to bent down on their knees to begin their prayers. The woman struggled to get free, her covered eyes trying their hardest to locate her child.

"Don't worry love, Mommy will be okay, do-"

A guard punched the woman's stomach; she bent down coughing with blood dripping down her lips.

"Mommy!" the boy screamed again in fear. One of the guards rushed towards the boy and punched him. The boy's head turned, a bruise beginning to form. The boy cried in pain, his tears were now hitting the ground at the sting of the hit. He slowly let his head refocus back at his mother. Her head was lowered and her hair covering her face; her ragged gray dress wrapped itself around her pale body. The man with the lab coat commanded the wheel to stop with the snap of his fingers.

The guards and priests looked up. The crowd silenced, the boy coughed up a sob at the sight of the symbol. It was in the symbol of death by stabbing to the heart. The wind suddenly blew harshly, the woman's blindfold ripped off her and danced with the wind in unity.

"Priests, begin the chant, guards tie her up." The man commanded again.

The priests closed their eyes and started to whisper "Sorrows and despair tied this woman to your damnation Bring her to the courses of hell as she has brought discomfort to the holy ground." in a fatal chant. The guards moved around, and did what they were commanded. The woman glanced over her shoulder, eyes barely showing at the gaze of her son.

She cracked a small, yet hollowness smile; her hand slowly rose up, waving it to him kindly.

"My lovely boy, don't look okay? Mommy loves you so much." She whispered to herself, realizing that the crowd picked up their cheering. At that very moment the guards took her wrists and tied them with a chain, then gripped her hair downward to her eye were focused at the dark colored sky above them. The man in the lab coat's smile turned into a grin of satisfaction, his hands clapped together, enforcing the crowd to become quiet once more.

He walked forward and close to the woman, his eyes growing darker by the minute he started at her beautiful features with her tears reflecting on her seer beauty of her skin. The man in the lab coat clapped his hands again; the sound echoed so loudly that the wind even became quiet from its gusts from the heavens. The young boy's heart became heavy, pounding almost right out his chest. Moist sweat streaming down alongside his tears, his body beginning to freeze up once he saw the sight of the man's hands opening up to touch his mother's shoulders.

He bit his lip, the color of his eyes grew darker, and his wrist started to move around again to get free from the chair's clutches.

"May the demons of hell consume your pride. For rebelling, for murder; you are here by dead to the world around you. Therefore, it's your last chance to breath." He whispered, an crackle of yellowish tint energy formed around the man's hands. The woman's body jerked, the energy was pressed against her, and the energy suddenly formed into a black flame.

The woman screamed, piercing everything glass-like around her. The crowd sat in silence, trying to cover themselves so the flames wouldn't hit them.

"Mommy!" the boy screamed, his tears pouring down to his bleeding wrists. The guards rushed over to the boy, however a bluish tint of aura surrounded the boy and his chair. The crowd screamed, the guards were pushed away upon impact. The boy's eyes began to bleed black, the chair crumbled into tiny pieces.

The man looked with widen eyes.

"What the hell?!" he yelled out confused, removing his hands from the now burning corpse. He began to run towards the boy, the priests that circled around stopped their chant and quickly followed their leader.

The boy started to float in midair, thunder roared above him and the stage where the crowd was sitting to witness the execution. He screamed, sounding so broken and filled with torture in his lungs. His heart inside of him was scattered forever.

Above everyone, the clouds quickly formed together, black lightning soon appeared and struck down on the ground around them. The crowd coward away while screaming, some were killed upon the sharp edges of the lightning.

The boy looked down at his attackers as they charged with their guns. He raised his hands; the lightning hit them so he can absorb it with ease. With a flick of his bleeding wrists, the boy released the lightning everywhere, killing everything on site.

Soon the lightning stopped, a mist surrounded everyone, including the boy who was on his knees panting away. He blinked his eyes and looked with horror at the site of the corpses surrounding him. His hands quickly went to the sides of his head at the sight of his mother's corpse completely gone from the living.

He screamed till he passed out into oblivion.

To be continued..