The wind blew everything in sight, the crowd was cheering along with the wind that followed. Shadow Claw and I collided with each other, growling for the first shot. I smirked, letting my thorns do the work of lashing him off me.

He slammed to the wire; he growled loudly and leaped away from the gate. He landed on his feet and extended his arm towards me. I leaned back, my thorns supporting my balance. I lifted my foot up to kick his chin, however Shadow Claw turned sideways and punched me with his claw.

I was forced back and my backside hit the gate, spit hitting the ground once I hit the ground. I slowly got up, my legs shaking from the sudden impact. I growled and glared at Shadow Claw with hatred.

"Why the hell are we fighting?" I asked bitterly, spitting a bit of my blood to the arena to maintain a good balance.

"To live bitch! I won't let you sweet talk me to stop me from fighting!" he rushed at me and hit my cheek multiple times, I grunted with each hit that was landed on me. My body fell down; Shadow Claw's foot was hitting my head towards the platform.

"But, we are the same! We shouldn't be fighting against each other for the sakes of the higher caste!" I called out; Shadow Claw huffed and grabbed my hair with one of the tightest grips I could ever feel in my life. I struggled to get free; my feet were dangling in midair.

His head was close to my neck, he licked it, and my skin was crawling soon after. His breath was cold and ruthless. He had the breath of a killer.

"It won't matter anymore kid," he hugged me with his claws as they began to choke me. I gagged, feeling the air going away from my body. My thorns crawled out of my back; they pushed Shadow Claw away from me and allowing me to go on all fours.

I touched my neck and gasped in large amounts of air.

"Ohh and Bleed Eye have gotten himself free! Now what would good ol' Shadow Claw do next?!" the announcer screamed, I growled at his voice. The crowd was going crazy, on the edge of their seats, just waiting for more violence between Shadow Claw and I.

Suddenly I heard Shadow Claw's screaming, his power rising even more than before. He glare was shooting right at me even though I'm blind. I felt a chill rising up my spine, which made my body shiver violently. My thorns spread out even more, I screamed with the pain that coursed through my entire body.

I wanted to sleep, let my powers take over, but I knew that without Mikael, I would die.

I closed my eyes, picturing myself with Mikael in her giant form. I smiled, and followed her movements with my fighting. Without knowing, I heard Shadow Claw fighting with my thorns; they grabbed him and slammed him everywhere that would hurt him.

The wall, the ceiling, I was twirling away as if I was playing tag with Mikael, my eyes were bleeding more, but I didn't care. The fight was just becoming beautiful in a sense of darken art within the moonlight.

My ears picked up the crowd's cheering; I dodged away from Shadow Claw's attacks. His growling were turning into screams, his energy was draining quickly. I smirked again and kicked his face, sending him away from me.

The wind he projected was cold, yet completely contently sweet. His body hit the ground; he growling was as loud as it could be within a smaller area like this one.

"Damn it all you little freak!" He screamed, pounding his fist to the ground. It vibrated; I felt my body wobbling along the arena. The crowd was screaming, rumbling in their seats. My thorns spread out even more, I screamed in pain, coughing up blood in the process. My head went down to the ground more blood was surfacing from my back, shoulder, and chest, the tears from the bottom of my eyes were now becoming a stream of endless scarlet red.

Shadow Claw dashed towards me and punched my cheek, my body went back, allowing him to kick and punch me multiple times.

The crowd was screaming for more, on the edge of their seats again, their grins were showing the selfish greed of wanting the both of us dead. My thorns caught his hand before he hit me again and slashed his cheek. He stepped back while holding onto the mark I made on him. I blinked my eyes and wobbled back up, then suddenly, something inside of me clicked.

I was beginning to see again, my vision was starting to become so clear for once. I smiled out of joy, not caring if people watched me spin around with my thorns in the air for no reason.

I was able to see like a normal being, my powers of a Shadowling granted me this wish, thank the goddess! My head focused on Shadow Claw, everything about him was so clear to me. He stood at around six foot with a lanky body and tan skin. His cat-like eyes were glowing red, his brown hair was spiking upward. His claws were a darkish purple, shaped like an enlarged panther's claws with blood dripping down at the tips.

He bent down, limping his way to where I stood in shock. I raised my hands and saw blood everywhere, I moved back, letting my hands touch my face to feel more of the coldness from my own blood that was mixed with my tears.

"I'll kill you!" Shadow Claw screamed, he crotched down with his claws glowing as large as the cage that we were in, he pushed his legs and charged straight for me.

I panicked, my thorns suddenly covering my face from Shadow Claw, my eyes blinked in confusion, are my thorns really that black?

Shadow Claw's hands were colliding with my thorns, our feet were dragging heavily on the ground. I used my hands to grab his and attempted to push him away before he could break them.

We growled, our energies going berserk. The crowd was speechless for once, I glared at his red eyes and moved my feet forward. Shadow Claw's body moved back slowly, however he was struggling. He growled even more and attempted to move me backwards, I held my ground with all the strength I could mustered. I motioned my hand to the left to let my thorns take control, my leg quickly rose and kicked the guy in the stomach.

He bent down, gagging for air; I knee his stomach again along with elbowing him on the center of his back and letting my thorns snap his arm.

Shadow Claw's scream was loud as a new born; I covered my ears and step back from him.

"D-damn, you…" he coughed up, whimpering in pain as he held his arm in place. He went down, not moving an itch. The crowd screamed happily, I looked at them and rose my middle finger up in the air.

My eyes were becoming blurry again, my thorns were disappearing again, I went down on my knees, coughing up blood as I felt my weight becoming heavy.

All I could hear was cheering, and people saying my name in so many tones..

"The winner is Bleed-Eye!" the announcer cheered out, I cracked a smile, thinking of Mikael and the new friends I met. As my eyes closed, sleep finally took over my soul.

I opened my eyes slowly, trying to see if I was still able to see clearly or not, and of course I couldn't see again.

Damn it all.

I frowned and attempted to sit up, however something forced me to lie back down.

"Master don't get up, you're still healing." I felt a tear streaming down on, my heart leaped for joy at her voice.


I raised my hand close to my chest and felt her belly. I stroked it; tears were covering the blur that my eyes produced.

"M-mikael?" I whispered, I felt movement hitting my hand. Her purring was ringing in my ear; I sat up in a rush, feeling the blood quickly catching back to my brain. My other hand started to stroke her tail and I smiled gratefully. "How did you get out?"

Her heart beat was loud, filled with warmth and excitement.

"Miss. Sel and Xavi was able to get me when you were fighting master.. I'm sorry that I wasn't there to protect you." She whispered back to me in the saddest voice I ever heard. I sobbed and lowered my body to hug her tightly. Pain was biting right at me, but I didn't care. My heart ached for her return and the day we were finally reunited in each other's arms.

"Just shut it and let me frigging hug you in peace." I replied. Her head lowered down to my chest, I slowly lay back against the cot and moved her tiny body to my heart. I listened to her purring, closing my eyes away from the ceiling's lighting. Our breathing matched, forming a soothing lullaby that drove slumber into my pained body.

I floated in midair within the darken abyss that was known as my nightmares. In this world, I could see everything, touch things without creating different tempos to match the level of my enhance hearing.

I looked down and saw nothing but the night ocean impaling on the edges of my platform. I went down, trying to hold steady on my footstep. I took a step, nothing seem to be different at all, but then, I saw her.

She was tiny with long hair of ebony that shined over the glistening full moon, she wore a black silky dress that covered half of her pale legs and covered her arms. Her face was facing the moon; she stood at the edge of the cliff that was forming in my head.

I walked towards her slowly, reaching for her with curiosity, is this the goddess I been seeking?

Her head turned to me, her hair covering the side of her face so I couldn't see what her eyes looked like; she extended her arm out to me.

I jogged to her, my breath beginning to die out. My vision was once again becoming so blurry; my body became heavier after a couple of steps. I managed to get close to the girl, the wind was blowing horrible gusts, which made the leaves blow everywhere among us.

"Who are you?" I asked the little girl, my voice echoing in the area. She turned away, lowering her hand to her side. My head tilted, waiting for more from the girl or even a single response back. "Aren't you going to tell me or not?"

Her head went up, hair going right below her shoulders, arms up towards the sky.

She screamed.

I covered my ears, the ground shook, pieces of the cliff broke apart and I fell.

"Adam! Wake up!" Selena yelled, I opened my eyes again. My heart raced, barely touch the outer part of my bare chest. I breathed quick and heavy from the sudden wake up call.

"Selena?!" I yelled back, panicking away as I turned my side to side to find the tempo of her voice.

"Open your mouth!" her hands gripped onto my throat, I gagged and grabbed her forearms tightly so she can released my neck. She placed her fingers in between the opening of my lips. I gasped for air and felt my tongue touching something weird. It felt hard like a piece of jawbreaker, however the flavor was too hasty to enjoy. I swallowed it, coughing right after Selena released her grip from my throat.

I glared at her.

"What the fricking hell was that!?" I felt her finger poke my forehead, I moved my hand to my head and rubbed the spot she touched.

"You're an idiot; I just saved your life. Be grateful or else I'll send you back to the pit." She replied, plumping her ass on the end of the bed. I groaned when the mattress moved, my hands continued to stroke Mikael's fur.

"You're a bitch for putting some weird ass thing in my mouth while I was sleeping." I stuck out my tongue so she could see that I was being a little friendly towards her. She poked me again, this time it was on my shoulder.

"I know. Xavier, do you think Adam here can sit up?" My ears listened to Xavier's footsteps walk towards the two of us, his hands reaching for the one I was using to pet Mikael. I grabbed it, letting him sit me up while being careful with Mikael lying next to me.

"Yeah, he's been sleeping for a few days now. His wounds should be closing up by now." Xavier answered, he squeezed my hand, I blushed bright red at this action. "How are you feeling Adam?"

My head moved to his voice, I bit my lip as I felt the pain rushing through my veins. I cracked a smile at him.

"Sore, but I'll manage.. What happen? I remember fighting in the cage, but I passed out soon after." I clutched my left hand into a fist, feeling the tension of fighting once more. "What happen after I passed out and how did you guys manage to get Mikael free and into our room?"

"Apparently the warren believed that you were able to fight in the Pit after the stupid remarks you made in the lineup. So they forced you into the ring with Shadow Claw." Selena answered. "After you won the match, we snuck into the section where the familiars were located and grabbed Mikael since she's able to suppress your powers in a sense."

"What makes you say that? Can she really do that?"

"All familiars have the opposing abilities so their owners can suppress their powers to maintain a normal status in the society. Selena and I find out that your powers almost completely killed Shadow Claw because you couldn't control them so we had to get Mikael for you since you missed her so much." Xavier remarked softly. I smiled at him.

"Thank you guys, but Selena, what was that thing you put in my mouth?"

"It's a pill to keep the bracelet from making you lose blood. After a fight, a Shadowling must take an iron pill to increase their blood levels back to normal. Sorry if I almost killed you though, but you were sleeping like a baby I didn't think you were gonna wake up like that."

I glared and pushed Selena softly on her shoulder.

"Bitch." I whispered harshly to her.

"Dick." She whispered back in the same tone. Mikael rose her head up and snuggled her head on my leg, lowered my head down and pet her again.

"Master! You're okay." She cheered, climbing up my chest and sat on my shoulder. Her head was moving around to look at Xavier and Selena. I laid my head on her head and let my cheek nuzzle her head a little bit.

"Yes Mikael, I'm fine now. Did you thank these nice people for freeing you?" I asked. Mikael leaped off my shoulder and went to Xavier, her purring echoed in my eardrums.

"Oh Course I did! I licked them till they threw me to the wall!" she answered.

"They threw to the wall?!" I growled, thorns popping out from my back. Selena quickly moved off the bed.

"No we didn't we swear!" the two of them yelled, crowding themselves into the corner. Mikael leaped over back to my lap and curled up to a ball with her tongue sticking out. I rolled my eyes and bean to pet her again.

"Alright. So what have you two been up too while I knocked out?" I asked again, Xavier's footsteps echoed towards the bed and he took a sit next to me.

"Selena and I have been mainly taking care of you and doing the annoying chores the guards have been putting on us. But otherwise, Selena and I have been trying to get information for an escape plan and get out of here."

"Escape plan? I thought there was no way out of here or something like that." I asked. This time Selena stepped forward, but unlike Xavier, she didn't sit on the bed with us.

"That's the thing; the gates barely have any openings for us to escape. The last time any of the prisoners tried to get out of here, the warren would order absolute execution upon them with everyone watching in person. Their limbs ripping right off, their heads sliced clean from their necks, their familiars stabbed for each chime on the grandfather clock. Everywhere here is pure hell and since the primal storm, hell became worse."

The room became quiet, even Mikael was quiet for once. I lowered my head down, my fist gripped the sheets tightly that almost made my knuckles completely white. My head lifted itself back up, I opened my mouth to speak.

"If we are in hell, then how do we find salvation? Can't we just find a way to the caves?"

"We don't know where the caves are though, how do you oppose we do it Adam" asked Selena.

"Mikael. She can locate them for me and I can tell Xavier everything so he can draw a map to read along with you Selena." I answered. She walked and touched my shoulder, her breath was close to my face. I blushed again at her closeness.

"This could work," She whispered to me "Are you sure Mikael has the capability to do that?"

I nodded and picked Mikael up with one hand.

"Oh course, from you guys are talking about with the familiar concepts, Mikael here is my polar opposite. Therefore, she can see and do things I won't be able to because of my disability." I answered proudly. Mikael moved up through my fingers, her tail wagging side to side.

"I'll do my very best for my master and his friends!" she cheered on to the others. I rolled my eyes and pulled her close to my chest.

*"I bet you will Mikael," Selena whispered, "Alright Adam if you think Mikael can do this, and then have her ready by tomorrow night."

I nodded and felt Xavier squeeze my hand again, encouraging me to do it.

"Alright." I replied with a real smile on my face.

To be continued..

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