The sound of an elevator going down is what Kent hears around him. He leans against the wall of the elevator waiting for it to reach its destination. He sighs, tired from the recent task he had to accomplish. Kent lifts the herb in his hand and fingers the plant.

"Birch better not ask me to travel three light years again to get this stupid leaf."

He just had to be a delivery boy for the scientists here on the spaceship. Yes, his job is on a spaceship. Life wasn't that bad, if it wasn't for the interior design. Everything was blinding white! The only place he could go for color is his own room. Kent also had a few friends on board. But, it didn't help that they all treated him like some idiot! So what if he messes up some missions? Is a tiny bit lazy. Only cares for himself. Or brings the wrong ingredients almost blowing up the whole ship endangering many lives including his.

N-Not like that has ever happened.

The elevator reaches its stop and a cocky smile comes onto Kent's face as he steps out into the white reception room. He lifts the herb into the air in triumph.

"Under five hours! Got the vinctus herb from sector seven, planet 78AB!"

In the room were three of his coworkers, Birch, Stellen, and Piers. All were standing in a circle, probably waiting for Kent to come back with the herb.

All of them turn to him. But, Birch was the first to react by his face breaking down to disbelief, and then anger.

"You idiot! I told you the vanctus herb from sector seven, area HJ5, planet 68AB!" He yells at Kent. A visible vein beginning to throb on his head.

Kent looks to the herb, then back to Birch. He shrugs in response. "Nah, I'm pretty sure it was vinctus. You're glasses need fixing."

"Why doesn't the boss fire you? !"

Birch is one of main scientists on board the spaceship. He was a man with a small tolerance level. He had a grass toned hair and glasses, matching the stereotype of a regular scientist. Kent didn't really like the man that much. Besides Birch always yelling at him, he had a strange fetish with dissection. After witnessing the man take apart a dead animal, he never wanted to step into the labs ever again. Also, if Birch ever asks for you to help him in a small experiment, say no! Unless you want to be taken apart or have some organ in you gone!

Kent is missing his left kidney . . .

Piers rolls his eyes at Kent's behavior. "Even a simple mission as getting a plant is too much for your small mind."

"I got the damn plant! Hey, I could have been sleeping in my room. But, instead I got off my ass and got this thing. Oh, and by the way it stinked up my craft. I'll need my payment early with a small bonus."

"Why aren't you fired yet?" Piers mumbles out.

Piers was a representative for the spaceship. He records all what the ship has discovered and goes out to report it to other planets and the government. Kent wasn't really fond of him either. The man was very strict and didn't like it when people fooled around. The strange thing was Piers never yelled, he would just glare or give a firm lecture. Which Kent didn't like at all.

It is like he never left his parents basement.

Kent glares at them while folding his arms.

"Hey. I do a great job here! I'm one of the fastest guys here! You want to try to get to sector seven in under five hours?" He then turns to the one person who hasn't spoke yet. "Come on, Stellen! Tell them how great I am!"

" . . ." The male continues to look out into space, literally.

Kent raises an eyebrow and walks up to him and waves a hand in his eyesight. Stellen still keeps his bored gaze and looks out the window. Kent looks back to the other two.

"Sometimes he really scares me."

Stellen is a police officer that works on the space ship, too. He patrols the area and protects the ship from any potential threats. Though, many doubt his actual ability of being on the police force. Stellen tends to-, no. He is always looking out towards something or stands in a spot for hours looking off into space, again, literally. The male doesn't like to speak either, you'll be lucky to get a word out of him or even a glance. Sometimes, Kent believes he would be a better patrol officer than Stellen.

"Not as much as it scares us that you're still an employee here." Piers mocks.

Kent growls slightly at the three and stomps to the counter and turns in his craft. Why does everyone look at him as irresponsible?! Especially those three, the worst part is he nearly sees them everyday. Kent turns them with a scowl.

"Hey, I want to get some respect around here."

The three turn back to him. Birch sends a glare while Piers raises his eyebrow and . . . Stellen is still looking out into space. Again, literally. Birch was the first to react by snorting and adjusting his glasses.

"One cannot give what doesn't exist."

"See! That's exactly it!" Kent yells out to them. "It's worse enough this job is tiring-!"

"-You only work five days a week and sleep in 'till twelve in the afternoon." Piers interjects.

"I work hard here and it doesn't help you guys always put me down!"

Piers again rolls his eyes at Kent's temper tantrum.

"You have no sense of responsibility at all. You couldn't even take care of a per without it dying on you after two days."

"Excuse me? I could easily take care of a pet!"

The words slip out of his mouth before he could stop them. All three of them turn to him again. This time Birch lets out a snort at Kent.

"A pet? You can barely take care of yourself." He spits out.

"I bet I could! I could take care of a pet easily!"

"Prove it." Piers says.

"I-I will!"

Kent stomps away from the three and out of the room. He continues to storm through the halls until he reaches his room. Inside it was decorated in orange and had pictures of the latest crafts. He walks to his bed and jumps onto it with face into the covers. Kent them mumbles out a small curse at himself. He just had to have a big mouth. To be truthful, he's horrible with pets. When he was little his pet hound died from Kent letting him off his collar and the dog ran into a hover craft. The second time it was a gold fish, and that one had a tragic ending because Kent wanted to play with it while taking a bath. Note: fish and bubble baths do not make a good mix. The last one was a pet rock, that one was lost because he threw it too far in the air and it broke on the ground.

Kent was terrible with living beings.

A determined look came on his face as he sat up on his bed. No! He's not going to let the rest of his coworkers continue to mock him! He's going to get an exotic pet and keep it and take care of it! But, the question is. What kind of pet?

Kent stands up and walks to his computer and turns it on. A hologram monitor comes on and he goes to the universe program. His eyes scan the stars and all the different sectors. What kind of pet? He knows where to go and different planets. But, there are millions of species to choose from. Kent in the end decides to press the random button in the corner of the screen. The monitor runs across space to different sectors until it finally closes on one. Kent tilts his head at the planet. It wasn't very impressive, looked fairly young. His eyes goes down to the name.

"Sector 8, area E90, planet 40A. Planet is roughly seventy percent in water, main inhabits in control are humans. Life span is determined on the species health, usually live up to hundred is very healthy." A smile breaks on Kent's face.

"Humans don't look to live that long. Perfect! That'll be my new pet!"