The room around Suri seems to spin. She clutches her stomach while groaning on the bed. It's just so much pain! She can feel her vision fading! Suri lets out another loud groan while twisting in the bed.

Why can't Kent feed her right?!

It's been over a day and all he's been giving her is dried food or some weird mush of meat. Couldn't he look up what humans eat on the computer? They are advanced enough to have spaceships, could they not event something as to Google? Either way, she feels like she's dying. The stupid part was Kent doesn't know what's wrong with her!

He doesn't know what's wrong with her! Kent bites the edge of his finger nails and looks from the withering Suri side-to-side. He's been giving her food but she wont eat a bite of it. Is she going through some trauma of being away from home? He's heard of animals starving themselves from depression. But, she let him pet her the other day! Kent walks up to the side of the bed and sits next to Suri.

"I really wish you could talk somehow."

"I really wish you could listen." She responds back. Right now she's not in the best of moods, because of Kent she's starving and having him pet her isn't really going to help.

There was a knocking from the door to Kent's room. He sighs and stands up from the bed to answer it. Hopefully it's not Piers again trying to give him some math books. She's his pet and he's not going to make her go through the pains of Calculus! But, it was mostly because he didn't want to find out his pet was better at math than him. Kent opens the door to see Stellen at the door.

"What is it?"

He wordlessly holds up a piece of paper. Kent raises an eyebrow and takes it, once seeing what it is he frowns. It's his schedule for the rest of the week. He was so busy trying to take care of Suri he must of forgotten to pick it up.

"Thanks Stellen, did Birch tell you when-, Stellen?"

Stellen wasn't looking at Kent, instead he was looking past him. Kent blinks at Stellen's expression, it was one of shock, which scared him slightly since he never really displayed emotion on his face. Kent turns around to see that Stellen was staring straight at Suri.

Alright, the awkward feeling Suri was experiencing right now helped to forget about her starving stomach. From the door stood a rather tall man with blond hair and a blue police uniform. What was awkward was that once he saw Suri his eyes widened at he kept on staring. Kent looks back from Suri to Stellen before waving his hand in front of Stellen's face. He finally breaks from his trance and looks to Kent.

"C-Can I pet her?" His voice came out low and quiet.

Kent froze in his place. Did Stellen just speak? Again?! He pinches himself to make sure none of this is a dream.

. . .

Nope, not a dream.

"Um, sure?" It was weird to say yes, mostly because this is the first time Stellen ever asked for something.

Stellen moves into the room and walks in front of Suri. She raises an eyebrow as his hand comes out a little slowly and stops a bit before petting her hair. He then started to smile down at Suri.


Kent and Suri both felt a shiver go down their spine. Kent, because never before has he seen emotion on Stellen's face, let alone a smile. Suri, because of being pet at and smiled to by a random stranger. Something also made her think he's a little strange, stranger than any other person she met on the spaceship.

Stellen turns around to face Kent.

"Can I take care of her?"

Kent freezes in his spot. What did the space cadet just ask?




"No?" Stellen looks down with somber in his eyes. He then looks up to Kent giving almost puppy dog eyes.

Kent frowns and begins to push Stellen out of the door.

"Do your job and patrol the ship!" He says while trying to push the larger man out of the room.

Stellen looks back at Suri with sad eyes and waves to her. "Bye, Suri."


Kent slams the door shut in his face. That was just down right creepy. He hears Stellen speak yet again, and he then asks him if he could take care of Suri! It also made him question why Stellen suddenly takes an interest in Suri. He never took an interest in anything. Kent turns around to see Suri was still clutching her stomach on the bed.

"S-Shoot!" He rushes up to her side and looks her up and down trying to find the problem. It was then that he got an idea. "B-Barres! He studied humans a bit! Stay here, Suri! I'll get you feeling better in no time!"


"So. Hungry. Fell. Vision. Fading."

Suri groans again and begins to chew on the pillow she wrapped herself around. She's not really eating it, but having her mouth do something helps to forget about the pain. A little. Also, imaging it as food helps too. . . Is Kent that dumb he can't figure out she's starving?! How could someone be this bad at taking care of a living being? She bet he couldn't even take care of a pet rock!

It was then that she heard the door slide open. Kent's probably back with that person he mentioned before. Hopefully they actually brought food. Suri turns around to see if they're back, but her body instantly freezes. From the door wasn't Kent, but the other person Stellen. He wasn't in the room but sticking his head in and scanning the area. Seeing there was no one he runs into the room and throws Suri over his shoulder and runs out. Her eyes were wide during the whole situation.

She's being pet-napped?!


Barres and Kent enter his room to find it . . . empty.

"You really need a leash."


Kent runs out of the room instantly leaving his friend behind. Barres sighs and closes the door before heading back to his own room at the other side of the ship. Hopefully this wont be a day to day routine.

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