Under my skin,
In my veins with warm crimson blood,
Run the pieces of my heart
That can't be collected
Or understood.
Like waves some emotions
Can overtake me,
Fill my body to the brim
With angry anxiety
Refusing to subside.
Stinging like venom
Under the snow white skin,
The pain of the world
Compete to surface
Turning into faint white lines,
Softly humming of desperation

Silly fights
Bring out the lies
That are rehearsed
Behind tight lips.
Seconds tick by
But the words keep coming
Unable to stop
Until all the words run dry.
To not concern
With petty fear
That is greater than the heart
Can handle.
Those words are sent,
Reaching her lips
She smiles
And knows that she has won.
Try to forget
But the lies seem so bright.
Like shining stars
They are so beautiful
That I stop and let them pierce.
To believe them is just a game.
Faking that smile
Those actions that bring the love of lust
Much closer
Until I am underneath.
Suddenly the fights disappear
By the touch of his lips,
But they are full of sorrowful desperation,
Not love, making me lost.
There is something missing
From this lust
Without love.
She still has your heart
And you stole mine.
All that is left
Is emptiness inside.

Sticks and stones
Are so much easier to dodge.
They raise bruises
On the soft skin
Drawing red blood to the surface.
Stones are so much clearer
To see and understand,
But those words…
Are undetectable in the air.
Like rapid fire guns
Your words collide with my skin.
They bury deep in my flesh
Breaking apart
Into a thousand pieces.
Carefully chosen,
Your words burn like fire.
Defenseless I stand still
Hoping that you will miss.
Strategically you break me apart
Careful to make sure I don't collapse.
Like a Jenga tower
You pull out all the pieces
Knowing exactly what to say
To hurt me just right.
Just one movement
And I know I will fall.
The tears will not stop
Until all the pieces are stacked back up.
You speak of sticks and stones
Knowing that the words
Are stronger and harsher
Than any other pain.
Looking up into your eyes
I ask how I could have done this
To you.
Guilt is heavy
In my aching chest
And forgiveness is too hard to find.
Finding peace,
I let this go.
Closure passes and light rises.
Three days gone
And happiness is there again.