The school's gymnasium is located in the middle hallway until the end which is the way I was heading to after Theater Arts or theatre as my teacher told me it could be spelled both ways. Anyway on the way there kids, I mean teens kept pushing past me trying to talk to their friends and yelling like dumbasses over innocent people who really don't want to listen to the mindless chatter.

My good friend Natasha, or how one of my friends like calling her Nataytay, was walking next to me. A little background info on her is that she is in love with the World War 2 period. Why? Well I have a pretty good theory, Natasha was, in her other life, a Russian, or Nazi, or something. But no one believes me when I talk about reincarnation and other supernatural stuff.

We finally arrived at the weight room and don't let that fool you the only weight I carry is my backpack. Since the Athletics' teacher wasn't there we went to walk outside. There we met the rest of my friends, Mariana, Samayra, and Samantha. I don't how the hell we ended up as friends since they all like One Direction and well I'm risking getting killed by a million crazy fans by saying this but I don't see the big deal.

Anyway as we were walking around the softball field, or however they're called, I kept thinking about the end of the world. No, I'm not a believer when it comes to nonsense like that but it is interesting how the Mayan Calendar ends more or less December 21, 2012. Yes, I'm a super geek when it comes to history which is why when I found out my dad was going to go to Tabasco, Mexico; I immediately demanded to go to see some ruins.

Once there, our tour guy no it was actually a girl named Jenny, told us that it didn't mean the end was coming but that a cycle had ended. Also something which I thought was pretty cool is that women use to govern and then they choose a man. But that's another story. I'm the type of girl who finds the stupidest things meaningful. For example, in the ruins there was a waterfall, I climbed to the top and on the way back I slipped and fell. Instead of thinking of the pain, because trust me it did hurt, I thought about how my blood would forever live in that waterfall.

The words slipped out of my lips like when I slipped from the rock and I asked, "What would you do if the world ended tomorrow?"

The first one to answer me was Samantha, "I would tell purple that I love him." Purple, is the code name for a guy she has had a crush on since 6th grade. He's the type of guy that was a nerd but turned popular and got lazy with his grades.

I let out a small chuckled and said, "I would find the guy form Sam's Club." I saw him once but since then I couldn't stop thinking about him. His pretty blue eyes and light brown hair. As of today it has been 137 days since I last seen him and no I'm not a stalker but I wrote an entry on my IPod and well that is self explanatory.

"Aw, Mikaela, that's so sweet."

"I'm going to break into the security system and find him." There were laughs all around and when the bell rang, telling us school was finally over, I was still lost in my thoughts. What if he was the one? It seems like a one in a million situation but then again the universe works in mysterious ways.