[ In your average high school, there are the hot, the not, the outcasts, the computer game geeks, skateboard dudes, the heavily disturbed, the dorks and… you have the people like me.]

Hi. My name is Jane Spencer, your average high school student, 17, in the 11th grade. I wasn't being completely honest when I said I'm an AVERAGE high school student, the problem is…I've never experienced the heart-throbbing, giddy feeling almost every girl's familiar with when falling head over heels for someone. Frankly speaking, I've never been in love. Never even had a crush. It frustrates me, really. Why can't I be normal.

I'm 5'2' and to be honest, I myself find it unbelievable that I even made it to the school track and field team. You know, short legs ARE an disadvantage when you're running. 24/7 boy frenzy Aileen always tells me that I'm not appreciative of the up close view of the biceps and abs of the other guys on the team. I don't really know what's wrong with me but I don't find those kind of things appealing, rather sometimes appalling. Aileen's always trying to make me hook her up with someone since I'm pretty cool with the guys, which annoys Fiona Lanchest, girlfriend of Francisco Edward II.

Francisco isn't your average jock. He's good looking, not mean like the usual jocks and you'd find him pretty smart yourself. His mother is Chinese whereas his dad is French, so he has this Eurasian thing going on which attracts loads of girls. Saying he's not good looking would be a lie, rather, I'm just not interested in his looks. The funny thing is we're actually pretty tight. He's on the track team too, record-holder for the state level 100m for 4 years. That's pretty impressive since I've never held a record for anything in my life.

Fiona Lanchest hates me, she just does and I don't know for what reason. But to be honest, her existence annoys me too. Her sidekicks make her even more annoying. The Plastics- Herself, Victoria and Danielle treat flirting as their daily job, night and day they flirt with other guys when they actually have boyfriends already. No one's ever said anything but their actions are just too obvious. Thank goodness I'm not the only person who hates them, my girlfriends, Aileen, Chu and Ren will always have my back no matter what.