Author's Note

Thank you for reading this small story I thought of. I might not update as often as I'd likeā€¦.. But I hope you will enjoy it!

Thank you, A. Addict

Diamonds in the sky

Saga was waiting on her usual place on the rooftop.

A simple and plain looking girl was up on the rooftop staring at the stars. She was sitting beside her big telescope and was holding a cup of hot chocolate. Her warm and woolen sweater kept the wind from freezing her body. Singing the old nursery song she heard during class, she sat humming twinkle twinkle when she heard her friend walking towards her.

"Saga! There you are!" A brown haired boy stood behind her panting and sweating. "Sora!" the girl stood up and hugged her friend. "Thank you for coming!" Sora was blushing slightly. "Of course! I wouldn't miss it, tonight's a special night isn't it?" And he set down a mat for them to sit on, and held up a plastic bag. "I even brought food for the occasion!" He sat down and Saga did likewise.

The two friends were sitting and staring at the sky in comfortable silence, the moon listening to their story. "So why is today such a special day?" Sora finally had the courage to ask. "Well you heard about the shooting star that only passes by earth every 100 years, right?" Saga told him while she adjusted the telescope to get a better view. "Yeah?" He told her while he drank more of his chocolate. "Well tonight it will pass by and I wanted to see it." She smiled, her smile illuminated the rooftop.

A bright and cheerful smile that shone brighter than the stars. And to Sora, that smile was more beautiful than any star he's seen. Sora leaned on Saga as he always did when he was tired. "Did you have a rough day at practice?" Saga asked him. "Yeah." He replied, and he lay his head on her lap.

"Are you okay? Maybe you shouldn't have come tonight." She told him, worried. "Nah. I'm alright. And I really wanted to spend some time with you." He said, his voice calm and cool. Saga was happy, not aware at what he was trying to imply. "Okay. Thanks Sora! You're the best." She smiled and gave him a hug.

The stars were beautiful that night. They glowed brighter than Sora has ever seen before. Saga has been amazed and dazzled by the celestial bodies ever since she was young. How the stars glow so brightly and all independently, yet all part of the same endless sky; mystified and puzzled her ever since. Each star contributing to the beauty of the night. The stars constantly changing yet staying the same and returning. More beautiful and charming than ever.

The two friends lie on the roof side by side. "Saga. Tell me the story of Orion again." Sora asked her, nudging his friend who was staring at the stars' light.

"Hmmmm. Well. A famous and gigantic huntsman named Orion walked the earth during the time of the gods and goddesses. He was so powerful and prideful that he challenged even the gods themselves. Orion boasted so loudly that his pride reached the heavens in Mt. Olympus. The huntress goddess Artemis sent down a Scorpion to slay the hunter. They battled and fought for days and nights. Suddenly Orion was weak and he decided to end it. He dived into a river and brought the scorpion with him. He killed the scorpion in that river.

The god Zeus wanted to immortalize their feud. So he placed Orion and the Scorpions in the stars. When the hunter rises in the sky, the Scorpion is defeated and is drowned in the river. But when the Scorpion rises in the sky, he is on top of Orion. They go on and on forever and up until now. They seek and search for each other, seeking to kill each other and end the battle once and for all." Saga told to him. Her hands gesturing to the constellations of Orion the hunter.

Sora loved her stories. He has heard the tale of Orion for the billionth time, and he never forgot it. His imagination is filled with the pictures of old Greek times when gods ruled the earth. Saga gave him freedom and he loved hearing her. He thought there thinking about what to ask Saga to tell him next when he heard a soft snore.

Sora was looking at the sky peacefully with Saga leaning on his shoulder. When Saga suddenly sat upright. "It's here!" She ran over to the huge telescope. "What is?" Sora rubbed the sleepiness away from his eyes. "It's here! Sola's comet!" She was practically jumping all over the school rooftop. "Wait wait. How'd you know that it was here? I couldn't see anything." Sora asked her and watched her double team and fixing everything at once.

"He told me!" She smiled, a bit of oil on her nose. "Him? Again?" Sora asked, annoyed. Why did Saga have to dream about some handsome guy from another world? It's not like she imagined him. Sora told himself.

He was pissed that Saga dreamt of another guy, and not him. But from the past few days, he didn't seem like such a dream anymore. Whenever Saga told him something that would happen, it would be as if her word was enough to change fate. She said it was because 'he' told her. Sora couldn't get as much information about this guy, from Saga. Whenever he tried asking, she would get a dreamy look and start talking about things like a prophecy and how the stars reveal all mysteries of this world. He was scared to see Saga like that, a hundred miles away from him. He stopped talking about it, but his mind was still attached to it.

"So this guy, how does he look like?" Sora asked, trying to get some information out again. "Well.." Saga said, hesitating. "I can't describe him. He had beautiful blonde hair, the kindest eyes; he wore something like a knight's robes. He spoke to me in such a gentle voice. And he tells me stories of the stars." She told him dreamily. "I can't explain it Sora." She told him and finally snapped out of the trance. Sora sat down, radiating a dangerous aura of jealousy.

Saga finally sat down beside him, her telescope in front of them both. "Here." She held Sora's hand to touch the eyepiece. "You try first." She whispered, quietly but a glint of excitement in her eyes.

Sora smiled. He knew that tone of hers. Whenever something amazing was about to happen; she would lower her voice, hold your hands with tenderness, her eyes would shine with so much happiness, and she would tell you what came next.

"It's here!" She told him. Saga had that ability. She sensed when something was about to happen. Something amazing like a birth of a baby. The winning score of both soccer teams. The weather, whether sunny or rainy. She never thought it was something ordinary; she cherished each moment when it happened. She'd tell Sora and she would be his strength.

"Now!" her eyes twinkled and saw the orange ball of light even though she didn't have a telescope. Sora was amazed. The comet was bright and radiated a sense of pride and beauty. Suddenly, a billion little stars showered from above. Saga was in awe. Like the stars were being attracted to one another. A beautiful light show. Saga anticipated something truly wonderful to happen. And this was it.

They both watched for a few minutes. Saga stood up clutching Sora's hands. "Quick Sora! Make a wish!" She told him, and let go of his hands. Sora was a bit disappointed; he missed the warmth of her hand in his. But he decided he would wait. He mimicked her position.

Saga locked her hands in prayer, closing her eyes and her bangs covering them. Sora was wishing for the one thing he's always wished for. Can things stay this way forever?

He loved Saga. He loved her smile and her gentle voice. He has been with her since he could remember. When she first moved into his home with her big sister working as a maid in their mansion. Her parents were gone, they both needed to support themselves. So Sora's parents accepted Saga's sister, Melanie. And they were kind enough to send Saga to school. Of course Melanie paid for Saga's fee over time. And they couldn't repay them enough. But Saga and Melanie had been a great help to everyone there, so they didn't think of them as nuisances.

Saga rarely complained, and even though Melanie was a bit too loud, she always got the job done. And now both of them had been going to the same school for the past 7 years, Sora is in the 6th grade now and so is Saga. Even though Saga is a year younger than he was, they still stayed close to each other. And tomorrow, Saga was turning 13.

"Hey! Sora! It's already midnight!" Saga told Sora, "Do you know what that means?" She asked him. Sora's smile grew wider. "Happy Birthday Saga!" He gave her a big hug and held out a small box. "Here." He handed it to her, blushing slightly in the dark. "What is it?" She asked. "Go ahead and open it." He told her, his face burning red. "Wow! Sora! Thank you! Is it really okay if I take this?" She gave him a bigger hug. "Of course it is! You're finally a teenager! You deserve it!" He hugged her back. Saga's eyes were filled with wonder. "Thank you so much Sora!" And she stared at the gift she received.

It was a beautiful necklace, with a chain around the pendant. The jewel in the middle was a shooting star with a tail of light following it. The gem glittered blue, Saga's favorite color. She place the necklace around her neck and smiled at Sora once more. "You look really beautiful Saga." He whispered. "Thank you." Saga smiled and looked up at the shinning sky.

All at once, Saga saw visions. It was filled with light, but a dark deep space was filling the light and destroying it's shine. Saga saw the boy from her dreams, trying to fight off the dark. When he called to her, "Stella!" Saga wondered why that name felt so familiar. A million stars all fell from the sky, and the brightest one came straight for Saga. She tried to run away, but she refused to leave. A part of her wanted to stay and be with the stars, but a voice told her to run away. When the light hit her it was too late to move.

The star entered her body and she glowed white.

Sora wished that moment had lasted, but a strange light fell from the sky and landed on top of Sora. Surprisingly he felt heavy.